On October 30, 28-year-old Michael Grace Jr. and two other men entered a Charlotte, NC #Pizza Hut with the intent to commit #Robbery. After Grace produced a gun, a Pizza Hut employee revealed his gun and shot Grace. Grace died from his injuries, the two other would-be robbers fled the scene.

Now, the parents of Grace, Temia Hairston and Michael Grace Sr. have questions. Firstly, they want to know why the Pizza Hut employee was armed. Secondly, they want to know exactly how the situation played out, because in the words of Hairston, “This wasn’t a body shot. This was a head shot. My son was shot in the left side of his head just behind his ear.

A headshot is personal.” They are also calling for the employee (who has not been named) to be charged with a #Crime.

He was wrong to rob the Pizza Hut, but -

It is important to note that Grace's parents do not condone the actions of their son. But both feel that instead of the employee taking it upon himself to engage Grace, law enforcement should have been left to handle it. That's both logical and flawed reasoning. Logical because many establishments such as restaurants, convenience stores and gas stations have a strict "just hand over the money" policy, and if this particular store had such a policy, then the employee would be in violation. But it's flawed because a person has a right to defend his or her life, which is what the employee did.

And this is where the Pizza Hut shooting gets weird

As was mentioned earlier, the employee shot Grace in the head, on the left side just behind his ear.

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That actually sounds more like an execution-style shot than one of self-defense. According to Grace's parents, he was a former employee of that restaurant and had previous conflicts with several coworkers. So one has to wonder, was this an employee defending himself or did the employee take advantage of the situation and use it to settle a score?

Pizza Hut's staying mum

Other than a brief response from the store stating employee safety is of high priority, Pizza Hut has had nothing to say about the matter. The employee is on leave during the investigation, so it's unknown whether he will face any consequences for his actions. It has not been confirmed whether or not Grace used to work at the restaurant. Grace's parents have not received any answers as of this writing, including why they weren't notified of the shooting (according to the mother - she found out on social media and had to call the police department to confirm it.) However this ultimately ends, one person is dead and several others' lives have been forever altered. All over cash at a pizza shop.