Pen E-Cigs (or Vape pens)

A Vape pen is a slim and very affordable #e-cig for beginners of #Vaping. It is the first device that a smoker will buy and begin vaping with because is very easy to use. A Vape pen is made from three pieces as a tank for holding the e-liquid, a rechargeable battery, and the mouthpiece. The pen e-cigs are not so great when it comes to big vapor production and they aren't too good when it comes to flavor quality. For your pen e-cig, you need only spare coils for the tank and the e-liquid. The coil that is in the tank will heat up the e-liquid when you press the button to turn on the battery and the vapor will form for you to inhale.

They are not for one time use, you only have to change the coil when you start getting a burnt taste.

The best thing about the vape pens is that they are not too bulky, they fit in your pocket or purse, and also they are very stylish devices.

Mechanical MOD

The mechanical #MOD or mech MOD is the opposite of the vape pen. They are heavy, bulky, and they are really not good friends with pockets. Most of them are made from copper and brass, but there are some high-end categories of mech's that are made from silver or even gold. They are for experienced vapers because you have to make your own coils and that is a hard job for a new vaper. This device uses external batteries that are more powerful than what the vape pens use. The flavor of a mech mod tastes better than the one you get from a vape pen and the vapor production is huge.

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The quality of the flavor and the density of the vapor depends on the coil you make and what e-liquid you use. A vape pen is cheaper than a mech mod but you have to pay for the flavor quality and the vapor production. One important thing about the mech mods is the storage of batteries because they can explode and injure the user if they are stored in bags with other metal pieces -- they must be stored in special boxes or rubber cases.


You can't say that mech mods are better than vape pens. Both devices have pros and cons so you can only try them to see which one fits for your vaping style. So if you want a simple and stylish device, buy a vape pen, and if you want great vapor production and flavor, get yourself a mech mod.