Campaign team personnel for GOP Presidential candidate #Donald Trump, who recently told Medal of Honor recipients that he also is "brave," have been barred from "exit polling" by an Ohio judge. Under the terms of the agreement, the Trump team has been barred from questioning, intimidating, badgering or blocking voters on the way to and from the polling stations. The decision was an outgrowth of a lawsuit filed by Democrats; although the order also prohibited Clinton campaign team officials from doing the same thing.

Order applies to Roger Stone

The order, which was issued by U.S. District Judge James Gwin, also applies to Trump enthusiast #Roger Stone.

Stone is seen as the organizer, planner and facilitator of the Trump exit polling that has taken place thus far through the group, Stop the Steal, which was created by Stone.

The 100 foot buffer zone

Gwin's order bans any and all polling, disturbing, approaching, or intimidating or questioning voters within 100 feet of any polling station in Ohio. Other banned activities would include "challenging or questioning voters or prospective voters about their eligibility to vote, or training, organizing, or directing others to do the same." Allegedly, Gwin's order was the outgrowth from a concern that some voters may be so intimidated by exit pollers that they may refrain from exercising their right to vote. Furthermore, Gwin's order protects the privacy, sanctity and integrity of the vote, which is a guaranteed, inherent right of every American.

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The threat of nuclear war

Meanwhile, former New Jersey Senator Bill Bradley, (D), stated this week that he fears that Trump most likely will start a nuclear war if he is elected President. Bradley stated that although he did not support other GOP presidential candidates such as John McCain and Mitt Romney, that he never feared for his life when they were the nominees; but he does fear for his life with Trump. Bradley based his comments on the fact that Trump is inexperienced, reckless, divisive, insulting and emotionally unstable. Those personality traits do not resonate in the nuclear age, and should not even come close to resonating with the American People. Not ever. #Hillary Clinton