Nadya Suleman claims she killed "octomom" to get away from bad PR and insists on being called Natalie Suleman (or just Natalie, preferrably). Yet the single welfare mom of 14 still exploits the image. She gave yet another interview on "The Doctors" reality show as the octuplets turned 8. Suleman says she no longer answers to Octomom, but for one trying to escape a persona she certainly continues to milk the notoriety it created.


Nadya Suleman hates, yet uses Octomom

An interesting question was asked of Natalie Suleman on "The Doctors" about why she resurrected Octomom when everyone had forgotten her. When the single mom gave birth to eight babies that all lived she was front-page news. When she was found to be unmarried and on welfare with 6 more kids at home, the crowd went ballistic. Since then, Nadya's made a series of bad decisions that expanded the Octomom monster: welfare fraud, child neglect investigation, $1 million in debt, more plastic surgery than a Kardashian, Xanax drug addiction, rehab, porn videos, stripping, etc. She admits to milking Octomom for attention and free stuff for her kids.


Nadya resurrects Octomom to kill her -- again

So why bring the negative persona back at all, and especially now? Little has been heard of her in the last few years. She could have just let Octomom die on her own. But Suleman claims the kids were being hurt by her porn star and stripper careers which she somehow links with Octomom and blames the media for creating. So she gave an interview a few months ago to tell people she quit porn and is now a drug rehab counselor and not a drug addict.

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Octomom has kids under control, sort of

Part of Nadya's most recent interview took place at her home. Yes, the mom of 14 still gets welfare, food stamps, public assistance, etc., despite the fact that she owns a gorgeous house with swimming pool (she had to auction off her last one after bankruptcy). Suleman tried hard to be the calm mom but hollered at the kids quite a lot. She does appear to love the kids a lot and they are a rowdy but loving bunch.

Suleman avoids attention by keeping Octomom in the public eye?

So one interview would have been sufficient to let folks know she's not that person. But Suleman's taking Octomom on tour, it seems. She's made several appearances to tell the same story. And she's really memorized the script. "The Doctors" can't get questions out without her interrupting. Why she cuts isn't clear but it looks like more self-aggrandizing.


When one of the doctors starts to fault her physician for implanting 12 IVF embryos, she cuts him off. Nadya heroically defends her invitro fertilization doctor, and plays the martyr taking all the blame.

Is there an Octomom agenda?

Octomom was the young mom's only claim to fame. Without the octuplets there'd be no media and without the media there'd be no Octomom and without Octomom there would be no public support.


The free stuff Kate Gosselin got from her sextuplets and reality TV show is legendary, and Suleman almost got her own show, too. Even a visit to "The Doctors" paid off with a huge 8th birthday cake and free trip to Six Flags--all compliments of Octomom.

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