Hunting down Osama Bin Laden

Army of One (Anchor Bay-End Game Entertainment) from the director Larry Charles of "Seinfeld fame," is a comedy that focuses on the true story of one man’s quest to bring terrorist Osama Bin Laden to justice. It's just as insane as it gets. Nicolas Cage is hilarious with his improvised high-pitched voice as Gary Faulkner, a kooky, deranged carpenter with no purpose until he gets hallucinations from God (Russell Brand) who instructs him to travel to Pakistan and kill or capture terrorist Osama Bin Laden. He has images that he actually meets OBL, and in one scene he is getting his kidney dialysis and confronts Osama directly, and they get into a sword fight.

The film’s narrator engages the audience with a play-by-play account of Gary’s adventures; from embarking on a sailboat to his encounters in Pakistan. The film is never boring! It’s very entertaining and serves its purpose! There’s some unexpected twists and turns as the plot thickens in a very humorous way! Parts of the movie were actually filmed in Morocco and Canada.

When Gary met Marcy

He unexpectedly meets Marcy, his love interest and high school crush (Wendi McLendon-Covey) in a home improvement store and the two become involved in a relationship. He adores Marcy’s adopted daughter Lizzie who has cerebral palsy and is very taken by her. It’s hilarious when Gary is instructs the customers not to buy products in the store made in other countries other than America.

There’s one part of the film where Nick pokes fun at himself and mentions that Gary looks like ‘Nic Cage in “Con-Air” in the scene where he mentions he had some film offers! Leave it to Nic Cage, the ‘King of Improvisation’ to come up with that line! I love the scene where he rides the camel and then the donkey and carries his samurai sword around for protection.

At the end of the film, footage of the real Gary Faulkner was shown on various talk shows over the rolling credits.

I don’t know why Nick’s films are in the limited release in theaters and straight to DVD, but the VOD and digital formats are overtaking cinema popularity because of the easy convenience of watching a movie at home versus trekking out to a theater.

Nick has another film which was released the same week on November 4, "USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage" which was interesting but not great.

I rate this film a C+

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