Angry neoliberals aid Trump

#neoliberals in the U.S. demand respect at every turn even though it is mostly them who participate in violent protests, defame and harass elected leaders and create microcosms of anarchy. On Friday, vice President-elect Mike Pence and his wife decided to duck politics for a couple hours and see a Broadway play. However, as audience members booed the duly elected vice president and his wife, a cast member read a previously prepared statement expressing the company’s sense of “alarm” over his incoming administration.

Neoliberals seethe at Pence

“We, sir, we are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights, sir,” the Broadway troupe’s African-American spokesman said in what could only be construed as yet another way to call Trump supporters bigots and racists.

The troupe’s insulting, inappropriate spew at Pence is more evidence that like their media counterparts who thought Hillary Clinton was a shoe in, neoliberals still don’t understand what’s driving change in the U.S.

Neoliberals unwittingly assisted Trump

To be sure, neoliberals themselves are driving the middle-class revolt which led to the election of their political nemesis. It is their over-the-top political catcalls of racism and bigotry aimed at anyone who disagrees with them that is powering America’s political pendulum sweep. Neoliberals have always depended on the media to charge the air with manufactured social tension to advance their causes. However, after decades of enduring lazy liberal journalism, people can clearly see, particularly post-election, the misguided hubris of neoliberals in and out of the press.

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Media bias rampant

Whether it’s Yahoo News, Google News or (pick-any) television network news, their storylines are the same and promote neoliberals and the Democratic Party with an average ratio of 20-to-1 negative stories about the incoming administration. After failing in its bid to carry Hillary Clinton and her considerable baggage across the electoral finish line, #mainstream media remains paralyzed with shock and awe. After a day of pondering how they could be so wrong, media militants have obsessed from the left flank over pockets of violent anti-Trump protests and anarchy and mounted a massive effort to discover just how many ways they could defame President-elect Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

Unless or until neoliberals in the media understand why the American people distrust them and no longer assign them credibility, they are the Democratic Party’s worst enemy. Global advances in communications technology provide Americans with endless sources for news. In the past, a monopoly of the three television networks and CNN, along with newspapers like the New York Times, basically told us what the news was and what we should think about it.

Today, a tsunami of real-time information is available on the Internet. This is not your father’s mainstream media. Politically bigoted m/s media needs to get through its thick collective skull that their own bias is largely responsible for the current political environment. The American people saw a need to balance the increasingly militant neoliberals of a rent-a-mob media that adores the Democratic Party’s open-border crowd. Now, after eight years of Pres. Barack Obama -- who gave us infamous products like unaffordable healthcare and a politicized Justice Department -- the pendulum is swinging the other way. Get used to it.

Neoliberals say they need campus "safe-zones" in colleges -- where students don’t have to listen to people and views they don’t agree with. So-called safe-zones are just staging centers for bigoted activists. These duncesque, pity-party parcels are havens for academia’s profoundly dumbed-down agents of intolerance -- hardly tranquil refuges for critical thought. #Democrats vs Republicans