#MTV's "Sweet/Vicious" is definitely a must-see show for young adults everywhere, especially those in college. "Sweet/Vicious" is "Kick- Ass" meets college students -- about two girls who find a bond with each other and decide to be the vigilantes that their campus needs. The two girls, Jules and Ophelia, get a surprising introduction when Ophelia finds Jules beating someone up in an alleyway. They both make a sweet vigilante duo, while Jules has the karate-like moves, Ophelia is the hacker with the brains.

Sexual assault on TV

Although sexual assault is one of those topics that is rarely spoken so openly about, victims of sexual assault around the world need this show right now.

There has been more and more media coverage on sexual assault cases happening on campuses and this show is definitely airing at the right time. To be fair, sexual assault has always been relevant, just not so public. Recent events have definitely raised the awareness of what goes, and the fact that some victims don't get the justice they deserve.

The sad truth of 'Sweet/Vicious'

The show isn't only about two girls beating on unsuspecting men who have raped people and gotten away with it. It is about the reality of the infamous questions that all victims face afterwards: what happens now? Do I tell anyone? Should I fight this? "Sweet/Vicious" shows that even though they've been through something so horrific, life does have to go on, finding justice for what was done to them, and the issues that go along with it.

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The plot follows the sexual assault of Jules (Eliza Bennett), who finds a way to help other girls on campus while still trying to cope with what was done to her. The show mixes it up with a comedic thriller and the horrible truth of sexual assault victims. In the episodes it shows Jules wanting to tell others about what was done to her, but she just can't seem to get the words out. This is the truth for many victims and this show highlights those dark moments, adding in the comedy to ease the tension.

"Sweet/Vicious" airs on MTV, Tuesdays at 10 p.m. #Sweet Vicious #Crime