What Mariah Carey meant to say with her recent sexy Thanksgiving pic and what she actually conveyed didn't match up. Sporting dazzling cleavage (thank you, plastic surgery), skin-tight jeans and stilettos, Mariah exudes body confidence. She appears to boast massive weight loss that even pie and whipped topping can't derail. But some obvious photoshopping made folks wonder if she's as comfy with her body as she looks. Some worried that Carey has an eating disorder. Others were upset that Mimi's sending mixed message to teens about body image, weight loss and confidence.

Mariah Carey obsessing over Nick Cannon, James Packer?

Some folks saw hypocrisy in a sexy Instagram photo that was clearly photoshopped to make her look skinnier. Is the divorce from Nick Cannon or the breakup with James Packer shaking Carey's self-image? Mariah's famous for "fixing" images to erase fat. She's not above letting people believe she's lost weight and lying about plastic surgery. Last Christmas Mimi appeared in a holiday gown that made her stomach look oddly flat. Medical experts suggested she'd had coolsculpting or other tummy tuck-type surgery. She often flaunts her large breasts but keeps quiet about the breast implant procedures. Comparison images show that Carey could have had more than one boob job.

Mariah Carey fat-shaming herself?

Loyal fans said fat-shaming "haters" were just jealous of Mariah. But the concern, like with Kim Kardashian and other "Keeping up with the Kardashians" sisters isn't that they show off their bodies. It's that they aren't truthful about plastic surgery and other cheats to get sexy.

There's concern that teens will resort to anorexia, starvation, crash dieting or bulimia in order to make themselves look like celebrities. If Mariah's "weight loss" is down to a photoshop fail, she's auto fat-shaming and may need a body image adjustment.

All Mariah Carey wants for Christmas is to be skinny?

The reality TV star of "Mariah's World" has been weight-obsessed to the point of insensitivity. She once famously said she wished she could be skinny like the poor starving kids in Africa. Her latest pic shows her scantily clad self with a pie and topping. By juxtaposing holiday indulgence with her ostensibly skinny body, is Mariah saying that she can eat anything she wants and still look great? Probably not--but that is how kids may read it. Adolescents often struggle with anorexia, healthy eating, and positive body image. They go from one extreme (obesity) to the other (anorexia), and struggle with moderation. As a mom of two, Mariah will soon be dealing with teen issues and may want to rethink what messages she communicates.

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