It seems like Kanye West is losing his temper a little too much. The rapper and fashion designer seemed to lose his popularity streak and his demeanor in one night. It happened during a show performance when he arrived thirty minutes after the concert started and performed three of his music pieces. His rant about the MTV music awards included some especially harsh comments for Jay-Z and wife Beyonce regarding their MTV appearance and Beyonce's music performance. If he is lacking creativity, the best strategy would be take a long break and enjoy some time away from the stage. It seems Kanye enjoys drama, but drama is not what his fans want. They want music.

Kanye West Success

While Kanye does have a somewhat successful career as a rapper, he does have the need to be respectful to those who works with or work with him on projects. He has been known to shout and yell or even act like a child during radio interviews. Kanye's famous moment includes yelling to a man interviewing him on a live radio recording that the man should stop asking questions for things the man does not know about. The whole point of the interview was for the radio station to learn about Kanye's next move. Sorry, Kanye, not everyone follows what you do everyday.

It is hard to keep a fan base when you rant and rave about something that should not affect you. What happened to his wife in Paris was sad, but also something easily preventable. Kanye feels as though the center of the world is no longer on him during his concerts and his music.

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The talent and inspiration he had entering the business is quickly going away. But what can he do to make it come back? Simple, time heals everything and also gives us more to look at and hope for. Whatever happens to him becomes public, but this time he should focus on the private sphere and consider other successful options besides music and fashion. Maybe Kanye could voice act or write poetry. For now he needs to take a chill pill and relax.

The 2020 Campaign

Kanye is still going forward with a presidential campaign in 2020. His opponent could be Bernie Sanders, who lost the Democratic primary this presidential election. But can we at least tell Kanye that he needs to brush up on his American history? It might help him with the #Politics. Those are just my own words of advice. #chillpill #Kanye West