Kanye West has lost it, or at least that's what many of his fans believe is happening to the rapper who has been displaying a slew of weird behavior lately. Even Snoop Dogg tweeted that he smokes weed, but what Kanye is doing doesn't happen from weed. He then asks "What the F*** is he on?"

Totally over the edge

This week alone West has broke out in political rants and canceled his tour that was scheduled up until New Year's Eve. It has been about a week's worth of odd behavior seen coming form West and if it is even possible, the guy is weirder than he ever was.

All of a sudden a Trump man!

On Wednesday night Kanye got up in front of a crowd with a rant on how he didn't vote, but if he did vote, it would have been Trump he voted for. He also scolded black people because they won't stop talking about race.

Peeved off fans

Can you imagine paying an astronomical amount for a ticket to see this guy? He performs two songs, and then goes off on a nonsensical rant over Hillary Clinton, Facebook, Google, Jay-Z and Beyonce, then he calls it a night? That's just what Kanye did at his Saturday night concert. He canceled his Los Angeles show the following night, which was probably a good thing for his fans.

Snoop Dogg tags Kanye 'Crazy'

Snoop Dogg declared Kanye "crazy" in a new video that's gone viral. There's really no other way to describe his antics lately, but crazy or not, his fans have had it with him.

In competition with wife?

It is obvious that Kanye has a need to be in the spotlight and he also has a need not to share that spotlight with anyone. Hooking up with Kim Kardashian made him take the back seat in the popularity bus, and maybe this is getting to him. It could also be that he just doesn't care about making money anymore since his wife has enough to keep their family of four afloat in luxury for a lifetime.

Why else would he muck up his concerts and then cancel a slew of other ones?

He is one strange guy, and while this seems a bit over the edge even for him, it just might be his new normal now that he has all this time to sit home and create. Kanye prides himself on being an idea man, so with Kim's wealth he doesn't have a need to work, so maybe all this thinking has wrapped him up just a bit too tight?

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