I've had my own fair share of racist and sexist rants, comments, and gestures made towards my appearance and behavior. I had people write 'go back to England' on my desk in public schooling. My birth certificate says born in South Carolina. I have been groped in public without consent. I have had people, especially girls, treat me horrendously like I would steal their men away because of my stature and appearance. Racism is only the top of the skin, it never goes any deeper.

Racism accounts increasing

When Obama was president, hardly anyone knew that there was still some lingering effects of racism. Of course it wasn't talked about because our president at the time was a black man.

But he had his own fair share of racism and retorts as well. Even Michelle Obama was targeted in a racist rant about the first black family in the White House. But since the post-election, more and more the news is reporting accounts of public racism that has been said throughout the entire country. To be frank, I've known there has been racism in this country since it was founded by white colonials who were trying to escape subordination from England. Yes we used slavery in our history, but it wasn't just blacks or Indians, it was also poor white people too. We used anyone and everyone for personal gain. Following the end of the Civil War, there was racism towards white people from the North and freed slaves and poor white farmers in the South. Racism was nothing new to me growing up, I lived in a small town for twenty years and I still see racism and racist allegations swimming out of people's mouths.

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Racial divisions

Ever since there has been a class economic system in countries, there has been racism. With America, our racism is rooted in immigration. We never hired the Irish because we saw them as drunks who can't keep a job. We never hired the Germans after both World Wars because we saw them as people who enjoyed violence and cruelty towards others and had sadist personalities. With the French, we saw them as people of a sexual nature having to have sex with anything that moves or having sex with their own family members. But American and English racism is one of the most historical emblems of our racism in United States history. We saw the English as loyal dogs to an emperor with a shiny gold cap. Famous depictions of Winston Churchill in WWII newspapers made him a bulldog yapping at the heels of English Parliament. Racism may affect us now, but it has affected our economic system for years. The Great Depression was one of the greatest economic racial divides known to history.

The second greatest economic divide was the Jim Crow laws in the South.

Economic tensions are what makes racism come around and go around. We use racism for profit and personal gain. While what we see is our cause for racism. Looking at a person underneath the skin shows we are always like in so many ways. Our bodies designed to be similar yet with different functions. What you see may not be what leads you to think.