Fans of the Cleveland Indians were a little deflated this week when their beloved team lost the Major League Baseball World Series by one close game. However, last night the city was on fire in a good way as one of the most recognizable celebrity couples gave a ringing endorsement of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Beyonce, fresh off of a dynamic and controversial performance at the 50th Country Music Association Awards, even put aside her usual over-the-top stage costumes for the night.

Instead she wore a flattering, yet demure, pantsuit in an ode to Clinton who is known for having a pantsuit for every occasion.

Jay Z and Beyonce gave a concert to the delight of packed crowd, and it was a refreshing change. Many political rallies are stuffed-shirt affairs filled with mini meals selling for more than what most people pay for their cars. Other rallies have people crammed in auditoriums while the speaker whips them into a frenzy. But at this rally, the cheering Clinton supporters were treated to performances by two of the biggest names in showbiz, as well as seeing a jubilant Clinton take the stage at the end.

It was indicative of her campaign promise to build bridges not walls. For years Democrats such as Tipper Gore and C. Delores Tucker were adamant about curbing the evils spouted through rap music. So it was truly an example of Clinton’s commitment to have an inclusive administration, showing that she is not just talking the talk, but walking the walk.

Beyonce believes in making “Lemonade” out of lemons

During the rally, Beyonce reminisced about how uplifting it was to watch her nephew’s awe when President Barack Obama was elected to his first term of office. She said it was amazing to behold how inspired the child was when he realized that even a little black child like him could one day grow up and be the leader of the greatest country in the world.

She said that Clinton inspires that same kind of hope, and Beyonce wants her daughter to see a woman become president and therefore know that for her as a little black girl, there are no limitations.

Jay Z gives a “Rapper’s Delight” of an endorsement

Jay Z stated that although he doesn’t harbor any ill will towards Donald Trump, he doesn’t think that Trump would be the best candidate to lead the country right now. He feels that the Republican candidate is just too divisive in an America where racial tensions are already running high. We don’t need a candidate who seems more than happy to stoke the political fires.

When he brought Clinton to the stage, the crowd went wild as the three held court. Clinton was beaming as she stood clasping hands with Beyonce on her right side, and her arm embraced around Jay Z on her left side. This image was immortalized as pictures were sent out around the world showing what unity is and what incredible possibilities the future holds.

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