Perhaps you are familiar with the 1956 movie "Giant" about a Texas farm family and the wildcatter hired hand played by James Dean who strikes oil to become a rich and tyrannical big-shot. One would have to see some parallels between Jett Rink (played by Dean) and Don Trump. There is more drama ahead.

Here are 8 similarities between Jett Rink and Trump.

Little use for Latin Laborers

Both men indicated they had little use for Latino laborers. Jett Rink called them a derisive name that I won’t mention here based on a racist view that they swam across the Rio Grande River. Trump, of course, hit a high point during the recent campaign when he said Latinos included many rapists and drug addicts with a few (perhaps) good people.

Latinos still voted for Trump in the election.

Oil drilling

Both Jett Rink and Trump favor oil drilling. Jett, of course, discovers oil on his Texas property which allows him to become a millionaire. Trump favors all polluting fossil fuels (oil, coal) because he believes they are good for the economy. If they are bad for the environment it doesn’t matter, he refuses to believe in global warming.

The outsiders

Both men are viewed as outsiders, by others as well as themselves. In the movie, "Giant" the family of Bick Benedict played by Rock Hudson cattle farms the land as they have for generations (the establishment). Jett Rink is the hired hand outsider. Trump, of course, portrayed himself as a Washington outsider.

Two tough guys

Both men like to fancy themselves, tough guys. Jett Rink punches a guy who cuts him off at a parking space.

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Trump bragged how he would like to hit a heckler in the audience. Both men have the delusion that acting the big guy means making use of their fists.

Inferiority complex

Both men suffer from an inferiority complex they try to hide. Jett Rink walks up the steps in the movie "Giant" to the farmhouse of Rock Hudson and says while covered with oil, according to, “I’m rich Bick, I’m rich, I’m a rich boy.” Trump bragged, according to Real #Donald Trump, “Sorry losers and haters, but my IQ is one of the highest.” This equates intelligence with moral superiority.

The philanderers

Both men became philanderers. Jett Rink wanted Rock Hudson’s wife in the movie (Elizabeth Taylor). Trump's dalliances with women while married are well known. Both men viewed women as possessions to be conquered. Both men would be seen today for their beliefs, words, and deeds as sexist.

Petty tyrants

Both men became petty tyrants. Trump mocked the physical impediment of a reporter.

Jett Rink called the Latino wife of Benedict’s son a squaw. This became a pattern of behavior.

Money and personal worth

Both Jett Rink and Trump equated the attainment of money with personal worth. In the movie "Giant" Rink says, according to, “I’m gonna have me more money than you thought you could ever have.” Trump said that rich people are rich because they solve problems.

This, of course, ignores the late Mother Teresa. #Election 2016 #Movies