I never like it when people start referring to a politician or a set of people as idiots. And the liberal elite went full steam at Donald Trump. In one article I read that Trump was disliked by the other billionaires because he was crude and crass. I liked that. I think when you are brought up in a working-class environment or even a military environment then the humour can be dark or crude. Reasonably sustained poverty can do that to you. There is just enough money to go around but not quite enough. They say the upper-classes and the lower-classes have more in common because one is too rich to give a damn and the other is too poor.

'Ah the tears of the working-class,' my father would say. Trump is no fool even if he is dismissive towards those he votes for. And the working-class are also not fools even though some of them may lack the necessary education to argue their point as elegantly as the political elite. And that's his power. He just sticks two fingers up to anyone and the people love him for it. He succeeds with the working-class because they are the people who have been forgotten the most.

Obama dazzled but did not shine

It's possible that the liberal elite believed that just because they thought we were classless and reasonably wealthy that everyone else in the corporate food chain would be too. But wages have not just stagnated over the last ten years, they have dropped significantly.

And job insecurity has increased too. There may be more work but it is not meaningful or sustainable work. The only thing that has stopped so many of the more well-to-do of the working class, from defining themselves as working-class, is the dream that they will be able to rise to the levels of their supposed peers.

That dream has now been shattered.

In many ways Barack Obama's sheen of magic that dazzles and shines wherever he goes, has created greater resentment among the poorest working-class. They have been unable to voice their concerns among a sea of flag wavers that say, 'things are good for me.' It may be a surprise to see the rise of the new working-class appear so quickly on the landscape in the UK and in the USA when the deluded liberal elite assumed they had been appeased or erased.

And that's when you get your Trumps or Farages. A quick lurch to the right not because people are more right but because they are ignored by the well-to-do. Europe is good for me, say the wealthy Brits and Yanks. Especially if you can afford the £5 or $10 it costs for a drink at most popular European destinations.

Whatever class, fairer distribution is the answer

It's a shame when all the working-class have to speak for them is a loud-mouthed chump like Trump. Just as a black person would be happy to have any black person in the white-house to represent them, so to do the poorest, and most marginalized people, feel grateful when someone appears to stand for them. The problem really is the political elite and how far removed they have become from normal society.

They have cozy relationships with their corporate roommates who they remember from their Ivy League days.

Eventually it's just the middle ground voting with their friends to do favors for them, and if the working-class are lucky, a few scraps of tax relief are thrown their way. Change will only come when wages are redistributed fairly across the board. This means untangling Wall Street and Big Business from the liberal elite politicians and having politicians that genuinely stand their ground and work for all the people that voted for them. A peaceful society is one where all its citizens are able to partake in the fruits that are created from their labor. An enlightened society allows its citizens the ability to develop themselves further and dream beyond their means.

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