All of the Trump supporters who chanted “lock her up!” at rallies will no doubt be disappointed by Kellyanne Conway’s announcement that the President-Elect is not interested in pursuing Hillary Clinton for her various crimes great and small. But, at Hot Air suggests Trump’s power to make that mercy stick may be limited. Congress can investigate her until the end of days without a by your leave from any president. The same applies to the FBI. Trump’s nominee for Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, seems less inclined to let the Clintons slink into the sunset without a nice perp walk and a fitting for an orange jumpsuit.

One theory is that the statement is a head fake to keep President Obama from giving #Hillary Clinton a presidential pardon.

The moment that #Donald Trump lifts his hand from the bible, he would be prepared to rain down hell upon his former rival. That scenario is the sort of deviousness that would suit the Donald.

The other theory is that Trump is genuinely interested in showing Clinton mercy, because beating her hip and thigh during the election, denying her the goal she has striven for over the decades, and rendering her entire life is a waste is vengeance enough. The stories of how she screamed, hit the furniture and attacked people with flying objects bring to mind the adage that it takes a heart of stone not to laugh. Many people who voted for Trump, perhaps reluctantly, experienced feelings of relief that Hillary Clinton will never be president.

Also, Trump may have concluded that putting Clinton in the dock may just prove to be a distraction to his project of making America great again.

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If the matter ever were to go to trial, the media would treat it as a circus comparable to the O.J. trial. The sweetest revenge may not be to put Hillary Clinton in jail for the last few years of her misspent life, but rather to remake the country in ways that she and her supporters would find abhorrent. She should live long enough to see the great progressive project turned to ashes. That would be a hell worse for her than any institutional confinement. #Crime