Kivanc Kilicer is an independent musician from Turkey, with an intense love for the dark side. He explored this intense love with the release of his EP Dew on Roses on October 14th, 2014. Unfortunately, dark music isn't well-received in Turkey, so he's taking a big leap of faith by sharing it. One of the songs featured on this EP is "Devil's Thought."

This eerie indie rock song is like a twisted fusion of U2 and Iron Maiden. More specifically, this song reminds me of Iron Maiden's hit single "Fear of the Dark." To make things better, a creepy music video was made for it, which I found to be intriguingly cinematic.

It's definitely fit for the Halloween season.

An indie rock music video of dark cinematic magic

As I watched the music video, it felt as though I was enjoying an official trailer of an upcoming horror film. The visuals are engaging enough to make me want to grab some popcorn if the video was the length of your average movie. It has a traditional layout of scenes that reminds me a lot of popular horror films such as Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street.

The transition of scenes consistently leads the story along, which carefully builds up suspense. And I appreciate the symbolic nature of the video, such as with the old, spooky house, the haunted book, and the raging fire. And the monstrous being is so well-designed that it's as if he came straight out of a movie.

Decoding the 'Devil's Thought'

Even though the eerie vibes of the video are familiar, it was somewhat difficult to understand what exactly the story was about. I want to know more about the identity of the girl and the monster chasing after her. What is their connection? Why is the monster in the haunted book?

What all does the haunted book encompass?

As for the song itself, it's a solid rock single. The electric guitar is captivating, especially while watching Kivanc play it in the video with a passion. It seems to express a disturbing experience of exploring dark memories and reliving them emotionally. I sense that it highlights the psychological downfall and uprising of a tortured soul.

Final thoughts on this indie rock song

I give the song and the music video a 9.5 out of 10 rating. I believe the song and the video are tastefully dark. Since the video isn't gory, it doesn't come off too strong or abrasive. On the other hand, I do feel the flames were a bit much early on in the video.

It would have been nicer to see the house engulfed by the blaze closer to the end of the video as more of a climactic moment. But I appreciate Kivanc's courage to venture into this kind of music.

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