Right now climate alarmists are apoplectic that Donald Trump won the presidential election. Believing that Hillary Clinton would skate into the White House under the protective blanket of media coverage, they couldn’t fathom that a global-warming skeptic would occupy the oval office.

Ongoing climate talks in Marrakech, Morocco, are under a heavy cloud of despair as they churn out gigawatts of air conditioning, boatloads of plastic bottles, and banners that read only the United Nations can “save the world.” If it wasn't so ridiculous it would be ludicrous. And our taxpayer dollars are funding a large part of it. Secretary of State John Kerry is a keynote speaker, despite it having no diplomatic value (like his recent trip to Antarctica).

As it stands, President Obama’s administration has used executive orders and agency rules to issue more regulations than the last five presidents combined. From increased fuel standards that make vehicles less safe and add $3,000-5,000 to the price tag to the taxpayer-funded subsidies that have raised the amount of renewable energy from three to five percent.

Billions more have been spent on clean energy research, swaths of land and ocean have been cordoned off under the Antiquities Act (which has infuriated local populations), drilling and exploration have been curtailed on federal lands, and the abrupt killing of the Keystone pipeline that cost an estimated 40,000 jobs all fueled Trump’s win.

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And still the media weeps.

Trump can now select jurists and change the face of the Supreme Court for a generation. One reason that Obama chose Merrick Garland to replace Antonin Scalia is that Garland has come down on the side of environmental regulations even though he is a center-right judge. Obama nominated him to ensure his Climate Change legacy remained intact, and the Senate has successfully blocked his nomination.

Enviros on edge

Already environmental groups are promising to fight the Trump administration just as they did during the Reagan and Bush presidencies. Some are suing the Obama administration under the guise of saving the children. The EPA has used its vast regulatory power like a sledgehammer, claiming it had control over everything from rain puddles to gutters. It has issued more rules than all prior EPA agencies combined.

When Obama closed the highly lauded NASA shuttle program, he earmarked the money saved so NASA could study global warming over space, previously the agency’s mission. Same with NOAA. Obama sent edicts to all his cabinet and agency heads that global warming would be included in every budget proposal and decision.

Pleasing the boss

The military complied by saying if the Arctic opened up it could become a useful military tool. They somehow forgot the Artic has opened up many times and over many years since we first discovered North America. Now it’s caused by global warming. NASA compiled by tampering with its trove of historic temperature data (which thankfully has been saved by third parties) so the present appears much warmer than the past. Satellite temps show the carnage to the land and sea data record.

That’s because satellites show far less warming than NASA and NOAA. Weather balloons back up these results. It’s known as reproducibility, seemingly lacking in the agencies that Obama rebuilt. He used the power of the pen and phone to eke so many rules the people gave the House and Senate to Republicans after his first two years. He didn’t get the message.

Republicans gain majorities across U.S.

Voters did it again in the next election, and the next, and now Republicans control all branches of government. More districts in the U.S. are now under Republican control than at any time in its history. Whether it’s governors, local assemblies, state legislatures, the people have handed majority control over to Republicans. As Democrats perform their post-election autopsy, they should heed the "crude nationalism" that helped create the Trump phenomenon in the first place.