These are my own observances of Facebook. I don’t like the extremism I’m seeing. It’s troubling.

First of all, you can be considered a Facebook Fascist if you continually use the word “Leftist” to describe anyone who disagrees with your ultra-conservative opinions. I have an acquaintance on Facebook who does this. He never uses the word “Democrat” to describe his opponents when he posts snide criticisms on Facebook. Democrat sounds more acceptable. Democrat is derived from the word “Democracy,” which most people agree denotes a positive image.

People have become more intolerant of other viewpoints

This Facebook Fascist instead uses the word “Leftist,” which rhymes with “Communist” or “Fascist,” also “racist” or “sexist.” Anything with “ist” on the end of it has got to be bad.

This is a deliberate tactic to demonize the opposition. I do not call the Facebook Fascist a “Right-Si,” which rhymes with Nazi. That would be unfair and I don’t want to denigrate conservatives.

The word conservative is derived partly from “#Conservation,” which most people also agree is a positive sounding word. Therefore if I see you use the word “Leftist” to run down the opposing party (Democrats) and you do it over and over again, you are a Facebook Fascist. Watch their words.

Facebook is a repository of many frightening statements from people who post comments who believe what they’re saying is the truth, and who often don’t know what they’re talking about. It’s no sin to be wrong. We all are at one time or another. The sin is to have a closed mind and to engage in the kind of propaganda that amounts to brainwashing.

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Facebook Fascists say the same things over and over again. What is frightening is that you realize quickly that finding common ground with such people by asking them to reconsider their opinions is impossible.

Here are some of the things they believe. They believe everything is a national conspiracy against them, not a case of, "in some cases." The public school system in the U.S. is a “Leftist” conspiracy. Some educators are liberals there is no doubt and just like any system the public school system has its excesses and problems.

People are more apt to demonize political disagreement

Nothing is perfect. Not the government, not the school system. But the idea everything is an orchestrated evil, Darth Vader-type plot is a stretch of reality.

They are immune to the possibility they may be wrong. Any presentation of evidence to the contrary and they will launch into the same denials and comments they always do, like repeating a church rosary over and over again. It’s the repetition over and over.

That is the giveaway.

The Facebook Fascist also insists over and over ad nauseam about the “Liberal” media. There are reporters who are Democrats and they have a right to vote their preference just like a person of any profession. How liberal they actually are is unquantifiable. However, the Facebook Fascist never mentions conservative media, FOX #News, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly and the rest. There is only one media, “Liberal,” or “Leftist” media. The Facebook Fascist thus lives in a figurative ivory tower. If a conservative does anything bad, the Facebook Fascist will ignore it. Everything wrong is the result of a “Leftist” conspiracy.

The person who believes this has given up on two-party democracy which to work requires some cooperation and understanding. What is frightening is there are millions of such people. You can’t deal them. It’s their way or no way, all or nothing. #Democrats vs Republicans