Whoever is elected president in 2016 will be asked to govern a bitterly divided country half of whom will hate him or her. If Donald Trump is elected president, many people will think he is a racist, sexist pig given to intemperate outbursts. If Hillary Clinton is elected president many people will think she is a criminal who has spent decades violating the rules and breaking the law and getting away with it due to her relationships with the rich and powerful.

Given those facts, how does the next president unite the country?

Donald Trump would have to do two things. First, he will have to govern himself for the next four years in much the way he has for the past two weeks.

Second, he will have to do what he promised he set out to do. A booming economy and peace abroad would do wonders to transform a brute and a ruffian into a statesman.

Hillary Clinton will have a tougher time of it. She has demonstrably violated the law and will be subjected to investigations and possible impeachment. Moreover, she will not have been elected because of her policies or because she is beloved by the American people. Her policies are the same that have placed the country in the mess that it is in now. Clinton personally is unlikable and unpopular.

Clinton’s only hope would be to tack hard to center and start making deals with congressional Republicans. She needs to drop the far left agenda upon which she ran like a live hand grenade. The only thing that matters will be results.

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If the economy turns around, the burden of Obamacare is lifted, and stability and peace are imposed abroad, Hillary Clinton will become popular. To be sure her leftist core supporters will feel betrayed, but if GDP is roaring along at three or four percent and people start going back to work, they will have to pound sand. No one will be available to primary her in 2020 and, given a robust economy and peace abroad, she should win reelection with ease.  No one is going to be able to impeach a president when things are going well. #Election 2016