It has recently been stated that #suicide hotlines have been seeing a lot of traffic since the landslide victory of our America's new president, Donald J. Trump. While the threat of suicide is never anything to be taken lightly, the words "over reaction" seem to have been lost on vast swaths of the population. However, today, we are going to look at this "epidemic" in a differing light.

Threat of suicide

During the run of Ron Paul for president in 2012, it was proven that Mr. Paul was cheated (1) and virtually no one on the left said a word regarding it. For that matter, many praised it because he was not compliant to the leftist agendas.

The Democrats and Socialists seemed to pay no attention to the story at all because it was not "their guy" getting cheated. Not one reported calls to a suicide hotline from a leftist over Paul being cheated.

Fast forward to 2016 and the problem here is obvious; there are far too many people on both sides of the political arena who are willing to sit back and allow abject cheating and rule breaking to occur in order to find that their side comes out on top. While this victory is a thrill second to none, it comes at a price. What one administration or party does one year becomes perfectly allowed by the next party running the following cycle. If George Bush can invade nations without declaring war, then so can Obama for instance, and he did. Just George Bush made Iraq a worse place, Obama and Clinton destroyed Libya, formally called, "the jewel of the Middle East."

Not one reported call to a suicide hotline from a leftist over Paul being cheated

It was the Left who were saying that #Donald Trump would not accept a vote count if it was shady, and yet today, it is that very Left who are marching in the street over an election that was fair.

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Mr. Trump won this outright, according to the law. As a matter of fact, he did not even #Cheat anyone when he was running against 17 Republicans when he began. If nothing else, he has proven himself honest since he had declared his run. He did not cheat Chris Christie or Rand Paul, he defeated them. It is now time to see if Mr. Trump will keep his word, not try and ruin his new beginning by rioting in the street.