Several key states are seeing ‘a certain group’ converging on the polls in record numbers. This certain group appears to be turning out in big numbers in several key states to vote. By all accounts, Hispanic voters could very well introduce themselves to #Donald Trump and his campaign folk as people who are just as important as anyone else deserving of respect and value. If suggestions that the Hispanic vote is leaning towards Hillary Clinton by blowout margins are true, then this could sink Trump’s chances in states essential to his path to electoral victory.

In Clark County, Nevada alone, the Latino turnout was record-breaking, possibly tying up the state in a nice red bow for Clinton.

State GOP Chairman Michael McDonald responded to that with a dog whistle, suggesting the surge was a product of shady dealings. McDonald complained about the poll being opened until 10 o’clock at night when they normally close at 7 o’clock. The problem with his argument, if one were to put on their thinking caps, is that the allotted time was allowed for everyone to vote, no matter the party affiliation.

Rigged, rigged, rigged and rigged some more

Trump often vacillates between whether or not the system is rigged and to him, it’s always rigged when it doesn’t seem to be working in his favor. No, everyone is just not voting for him just as the whole of America is not voting for Hillary Clinton. Mature adults know this. So far, there has been a 14 percent Hispanic participation in the 5.7 million early voting and absentee ballots cast.

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The much sought after electoral state of Florida has seen a robust turnout of Hispanic voters as well. Florida Democratic strategist Steven Schale noted that a good number of them are first-time voters. A surge is also seen in the states of Arizona and Texas, both of which has a large Hispanic population.

Lessons to be learned

In the past, the average Hispanic person registered as Republican, basically due to their conservative Catholic faith. But with their party’s nominee’s racially charged rhetoric and threats of deportation, many of them have had to rethink their ideologies. If the Hispanic vote were to cause a landslide defeat for the Republican party, maybe then they will rethink some of their ideologies as well. #News #Election 2016