#Hillary Clinton's biggest liability may just be her husband Bill Clinton as a leaked transcript from a fundraiser done behind closed doors has Bill "privately" agreeing with Donald Trump's rigged theory. Yes, that's right, Bill Clinton apparently also believes the political system is rigged.

Hillary tags Trump as asinine for believing this!

This can't be good news for Hillary who just spent weeks attempting to make Trump look like an idiot for thinking this way! Since Hillary keeps referring back to Bill for teaching her the ropes in Washington, will she now say her husband is crazy with that train of thought?

She 'deserves this' says Bill!

What is more disturbing to hear is something else to come out of Bill's Clinton's mouth when addressing this crowd at the fundraiser.

He told the crowd how he feels that Hillary "deserves to win this election." This gives the voters a window into the mindset of the Clinton couple who look at a presidential win for Hillary like a prize or reward for something she's done because she "deserves" this. 

For the good of the people?

It is not about what Hillary "deserves" It is about what the people deserve. This is just another example of how this election looks to be a selfish endeavor on the part of Hillary. She sees the White House as her just rewards despite the fact that folks are looking for real leadership this time around.

Why would Bill think Hillary "deserves" to win her way into the White House? Most other candidates throughout history feel honored to be chosen to lead the country, but apparently not Hillary... this is something she "deserves" to win, claims Bill.

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Is this a prediction of what you could expect from a Hillary Clinton administration? Do you really want to put someone into office because they think they "deserve" this or do you want a president who will do everything they can so the people get what they deserve?

According to The Daily Caller, Bill Clinton said this in a speech he was giving at a private fundraiser for Hillary about a year ago in Cheseapeake, Maryland. This transcript was recently revealed in the WikiLeak dump along with the emails that John Podesta, Hillary's campaign chairman, sent and received. It is amazing the insight into Hillary Clinton these emails have provided. #Rigged election