Of all many possible litigants that might sue for the damages suffered in the 2016 presidential election, the candidate herself, Hillary Rodham Clinton has the most legitimate claim to damages. It would be reasonable to argue that other American citizens also have also suffered damage by the inherently unfair and damaging practice of using the electoral college to direct results beyond the scope of one person, one vote. Instead, we have a weighted system that clings to metaphorical DNA originating first in old English law established by the Magna Carta. And at the time of the laws inception it was designed to keep the common rabble from exercising their true voice in a democratic fashion.

Today in America the electoral college has performed the same function in past and in the present election. Like Mr. Trump says, "the system is rigged!"

Why then does Hillary not just sue to establish our rights?

Then I thought about the obvious question. Recently I asked a knowledgeable attorney why Ms. Clinton or Mr. Gore for that matter would not take the opportunity to try to set things right for the American people. It would, after all, (and not only if successful) be the right and righteous thing to do. Well, my lawyer friend cynically made a casual remark in passing saying that that if it suited her purpose then perhaps Hillary Clinton would have already decided to sue. He said it in passing, casually, but perhaps it truly gets to the nub of the problem.

Al Gore, in the end I understood. Despite having standing he declined to sue and he established a reputation as an environmentalist and for a period became an environmental guru with an environmentally focused network or TV channel. Then later Gore got a huge payout when he sold his election loss consolation prize network to a gulf states concern.

Ok. I get it. Now. The question in my mind is why Hillary Clinton does not take the opportunity to channel her younger self and do the right thing?

Hillary Clinton should harness the power of the Clinton Global Initiative to bring true democracy to the American people

They will likely say it is hard.

It is impossible politically they will say. It seems sometimes like they will say all kinds of things to avoid doing what is simple and right. In the end they will say it is about money. Okay this is simple then if it is about funding, Hillary, please harness what you do best which is raising money to the cause of giving America a real democracy. Turn the foundation away from others for a moment, away from issues elsewhere on the globe and take care of America first. Focus on American election problems starting with the electoral college and next tackling the Citizens United corporate personhood scam on the American electorate. Just do it!

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