Hillary Clinton is in an ocean of hot water and her prospects are waning as the presidential election draws closer each day. From Huma Abedin's own emails we have learned that Hillary has created this mess herself. She shouldn't be pointing the finger, but that hasn't stopped her from assigning the blame to everyone else but herself.

Hillary made her bed

When it boils down to it, she owns this mess. Still you cannot ignore the two middle-aged men out there whose inability to control their sexual hankerings resulted in causing havoc with Hillary's political life. These two men have helped muck up the already murky waters for Hillary in what should have been a short swim into the White House.

First of course was her husband, Bill Clinton, whose sexual antics have come back to bite the former Secretary of State time and time again. She stood by her man, but knocked down her political chances.      


No one blames Hillary for Bill's inability to to keep it zipped, but his lack of self-control when it comes to his libido has marred her campaign. Years later while she stood smugly issuing tags for Donald Trump's alleged womanizing, Hillary opened a can of worms. Hillary pecks at Trump's alleged lack of respect for women, yet years ago when her own husband's accusers made themselves known, she tagged them with some disparaging attributes. She made them victims once again by not believing their stories and she became an attack dog of sorts for her husband against these women. 

Shares something in common with Trump?

According to Breitbart News, Hillary wanted to "crucify" the women who accused her husband, calling them "bimbos" along with other names that were far from terms of endearment.

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The women were lying, according to Hillary. She even labeled Monica Lewinsky a "narcissistic loony toon" after the young intern revealed her encounter with Bill in the Oval Office.

George Stephanopoulos from ABC News, is also a former Bill Clinton aide. He wrote in his book how Hillary set out to destroy her husband's accusers. Today she is acting almost like an advocate for Donald Trump's accusers. Many people are seeing right through this.

Voters aren't buying it

Just because this time around these accusations benefit her rather than disgrace her, she's singing a different tune! Because of this her middle-aged husband's lack of control over his libido has been an obstacle in Hillary's attempt at bringing down her opponent, Trump

Desires were driving his bus

Now another middle-aged man who let his libido ruin his life has Hillary caught up in the aftermath due to a bizarre chain of events. Anthony Weiner is the estranged husband of Huma Abedin. She was Hillary's right-hand person up until the FBI announced they reopened the investigation into Hillary's emails last week.

Now she's nowhere to be found on the campaign trail.

Accidental find?

It was during an FBI investigation into Weiner sexting an underage girl that emails popped up on his laptop which were associated with Hillary Clinton and his estranged wife Huma. Now those emails would have been there whether Weiner was able to control his desires or not, but the FBI probably would not have found them. If Weiner hadn't had a problem controlling his desires the FBI would have no reason to go through Weiner's laptop.

For the American people this is a good thing, but for Hillary's career... not so good. While the FBI has not revealed the content of those emails, some media outlets are suggesting they may contain copies of the emails Hillary destroyed using the BleachBit technology.

It's a midlife crisis standing in the way?

So there you have it, two middle-aged men who at one time or another were not able to keep their libidos in check and this has come back around to Hillary. According to Mic.com today, the polls are closing in quick with Donald Trump catching up to Hillary Clinton as the election draws near.