How much more of this does #Hillary Clinton believe the public will put up with? Even her die-hard supporters are bound to get sick and tired of hearing Hillary's chant on how everything is just fine or her repeating over and over again that the FBI will find nothing wrong. These are just a few of themes she is running with lately. It's the FBI and not cronies of #Donald Trump who are throwing these accusations her way. It's not coming from Russia or Huma Abedin's husband, these emails were either sent or recieved via her unsecured server from her home.  

Serious business

This is serious business and the man at the helm was highly regarded by both Hillary and her associates.

As the Democrats have said in the past, FBI Director, James Comey, has integrity, he is honest and cannot be bought. Of course they said this upon his initial findings into Hillary's email debacle. That was back when she walked away smelling like a rose, but that has changed drastically today.

Not mine!

Now Hillary is publicly questioning Comey's timing and his agenda around his latest announcement that he's reopened the investigation into her emails. Have you noticed Hillary will not attach herself as to having any ownership of the emails in question? She calls them the emails of her "associates," making sure to convey they are not hers. While they were not found on her server, sources have indicated many originated from there, so she can call them what she wants, but it doesn't change a thing.

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BleachBit unsuccessful?

The emails were recently discovered on Huma Abedin's Yahoo account, Hillary's right-hand person. They were actually found on her husband's laptop, which seems to indicate that Huma used that laptop at one time or another to read her emails. It is believed these are copies of the same emails that were deleted and processed through bleachbit technology so they would disappear forever. 

Indictment possible

Now with the latest news that Hillary may possibly be looking at an indictment over possible "pay for play" schemes, she's dug into her bag of denial lines once again. This is a completely separate investigation centered on how the Clinton's use their foundation and it has been going on for more than a year. Still, she denied there was ever such an investigation when asked several times on the campaign trail.

5 countries hack Hillary's emails

Today the tide is turning and folks who once secretly harbored their intentions to vote for Trump are now voicing that intention! With news that five different intelligent agencies from five different countries have hacked Hillary's emails, the extent of the extreme danger her carelessness has caused has come to the surface.

By using a private server she's put many people in danger, not to mention the security of the country, suggests  "Fox and Friends" live on Thursday morning. There is about a 99 percent accuracy that her emails were hacked by these five countries, according to the Clash Daily.

Wide open for blackmail

If Hillary were to ever get into the White House, she has now left herself wide open for blackmail by these hackers and the governments they are working for. Having a president who is a sitting duck for blackmail is a dangerous thing for any country, but especially this nation. 

According to Twitchy, Martha MacCallum of Fox News recently reported on the part played in all of this by the chairman of Hillary's campaign, John Podesta. He sent an email to Hillary's staff directing them to "dump the emails." Once his email came out of the WikiLeaks batch, he explained that his meaning of  "dump" was to make the emails public. Again, another outlandish excuse the public is expected to swallow. MacCallum tweets:

Dupes President Obama?

It looks as though she even duped President Obama, who took the unprecedented action of coming out in Hillary's defense over these emails this week. That is before the latest news broke that she is being investigated for a separate pay for play case involving her foundation.  #Political Correct