Hillary is as guilty as any criminal

Hiliary Clinton is as guilty as any criminal. Clinton not being in jail for confidential emails is wrong. Now the Clinton Foundation is under indictment. When the FBI cleared #Hillary Clinton and did not put her in jail, a message was sent to the American public. The message that was sent, was crime pays, and it pays so well you can run for president. Clinton not in jail carries a statement about someone in power able to stay out of jail. A regular person/criminal would be in jail, and so should Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump may not be a politician, but he also isn't a criminal.

Hiliary Clinton is a politician and let confidential material leak through emails.

The question here is why is she not in jail? Clinton is not in jail, because she somehow has the power to stay out of jail. This is an unacceptable practice that the left wing liberals have created and the American public have accepted. This practice continues with the indictment of the Clinton Foundation. When is her criminal activity going to end? The American public has allowed this career politician to lie and destroy this county. This is unacceptable and it needs to be put right.

It's time to follow the laws and constitution of this country

This writer read in the news today that President Obama is pleading with voters to vote for Hillary to continue his agenda. The last eight years have seen unemployment in the double digits. The Affordable Care Act has cost Americans millions in higher deductibles, and fines, and has destroyed healthcare in this country.

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In addition, President Obama has disregarded the constitution with his so-called executive orders. Hillary Clinton and President Obama have buried the constitution in a graveyard of rhetoric. It is time to dig up the constitution, and uphold the laws of this country and put this woman in jail, and show the world that we are a strong country and will not tolerate any type of criminal, no matter what their position is in this country.