It's no secret that #Donald Trump has been reeled in a bit by his camp over the last few days leading up to the election. Trump loves to tell it like it is and he does this throughout the day with constant tweets...or he did until recently. It seems Trump's camp has his best interest in mind and to keep him from tweeting something he might regret, they took action. His top campaign aides "wrestled away" his Twitter account so the man who may very well be named the next president tomorrow doesn't hurt his own chances by tweeting something that will be picked up as controversial. 

The damage was done

According to, this fact didn't get past #Obama who took advantage of Trump's Twitter-less days to poke him with a stick.

Obama has been hot on the campaign trail for #Hillary Clinton since the FBI reopened the investigation into Hillary's emails. While the Director of the FBI, James Comey, announced Sunday that they will not be filing criminal charges against Hillary, the damage was already done. Now with new reveals today, Hillary needs any help she can get. Check out Obama shooting a zinger Trump's way in the video below.

Obama lets loose on Trump

Apparently Obama is the secret weapon, but as Fox News asks today, is this enough to bring Hillary back up to where she once was? On Sunday while at a rally for Hillary Clinton in Florida, Obama took a jab at Trump being Twitter-less these days. Obama stood before the crowd and stated "If somebody can't handle a Twitter account, they can't handle nuclear codes."

Mocking beneath the president

Mocking Trump was once beneath Obama, but for some reason he has changed his usual demeanor to trot himself out there for Hillary.

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With all that she is tangled up with today, you would think Obama would play it neutral and sit back while watching it all unfold. He has his legacy to think of after all.

New can of worms

With the latest disparaging news to come out about the Clinton Foundation today, Obama could very well taint his own legacy by hanging out with Hillary and plugging her for president. The latest WikiLeak dump puts the Clinton Foundation in a bad light. Emails suggest that Chelsea Clinton used the funds from this foundation for her wedding. 

The emails also suggest she has been using money from the foundation for the last "decade" for her living expenses. According to The Daily Caller, the head of the foundation has accused Chelsea of using the funds from the foundation for her "wedding, campaigning and avoiding taxes."

You're known by the company you keep?

This is a new dilemma Hillary faces today and with Obama by her side needling Donald Trump, this could rub off on him! While Hillary won't face criminal charges for the emails, it is now known that she directed her maid to print out the classified emails she received as the Secretary of State.

So what Obama should have said was if we can't trust Hillary to follow protocol, since she did give her housekeeper access to the nation's secrets, how can we trust her with the nuclear codes?

It appears that the Democrats are extremely worried about Hillary's chances at the voting booths tomorrow and they have even been puffing up their rumors about Trump, Russia and the KKK. This shows just how desperate they've become and for good reason, she's down in the polls!