#Hillary Clinton gracefully conceded the #Election 2016 to Donald Trump, yet many poor winner Republicans still crucified her on trivialities. Clinton's classy concession speech actually encouraged support and an "open mind" on the President-elect but some unclassy winners in the GOP chose to gloat and mock instead of accepting their win with grace.

Hillary Clinton 'poor loser' for collecting her thoughts

Mrs. Clinton ran a clean Election 2016. She didn't name-call or bash away at her opponent #Donald Trump as he and his minions like Sarah Palin did to Hillary. Every breath she took was criticized. Many proudly bragged that they despised Clinton though they couldn't really say why.

Rumors were spread and false accusations were made against her. The first woman to run for POTUS suffered continual attack to do something unprecedented to help America. From First Lady, to Secretary of State, to the Oval Office, Hillary threw doors wide open for women and minorities in the presidency. And when she took a moment to grieve and collect herself before conceding, she was called a poor loser.

Hillary Clinton can't win for losing

The defeated nominee kept mum for a bit after the election. Perhaps she was disappointed or maybe she was just gathering her thoughts for the concession speech. But no one knows because she didn't make a show of it. There was no visible backlash or anger. Yet some smug Republicans felt the need to malign the Democratic candidate because she didn't say anything.

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It isn't clear just what they expected her to do. It's a grand old party and Hillary wasn't invited.

Hillary Clinton shows good form conceding

The Democrat candidate didn't have to, but she did. Her speech exhorted the nation to put aside prejudices toward the 45th President and give his policies and ideas a chance. Clinton encouraged girls to keep the faith and work for woman's empowerment. She gave a shout-out to young girls. Yet many Trump fans chided her for being disappointed and showing it. They mocked her "red-rimmed eyes" as if crying is unsportsman-like.

Bad winners gloat over Hillary Clinton's loss

When you win a game, contest, World Series, Nobel Prize or presidential election, you celebrate. But some very sorry winners in Trump's camp crossed the line to gloating. Instead of celebrating their win, they rejoiced in her loss and heckled her. If you have time to nitpick over the other candidate, you can't be that happy over your win. But many Trump voters were unable to accept success gracefully, being too busy micro-managing Hillary's response and rubbing it in her face.