If you thought you noted a faint hint of humble coming from #Hillary Clinton during her concession speech on Wednesday, cherish it because it was fleeting. Humble has disappeared and in its place Hillary has lifted her finger to point toward FBI Director #James Comey as the cause of her election demise.

After hearing Hillary talk of how painful the loss was for her this week, she seemed more human than she did throughout her campaign. Were we seeing a side of Hillary that she kept hidden? Probably not because today she was anything but humble when throwing Comey under the bus for reopening the investigation into her emails days before the election.

Humble is so fleeting!

Hillary put an unauthorized and unsecured server in her home. Period! This is what started the investigation into Hillary Clinton's actions. If she hadn't done this, the emails from WikiLeaks would have just been emails from WikiLeaks without any consequences. As the Secretary of State Hillary made some disturbing mistakes with the information she sent and received within emails. When it came to national security she was lax and this is why this investigation initially kicked into action. If she had followed the procedures set forth by the U.S. Government, this wouldn't have been an issue.

Lack of accepting responsibilty

Still Hillary said in a conference call to some of her supporters on Saturday that Comey brought those emails back into play 12 days before the election, tainting the minds of her voters.

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Those who were on the fence with their vote had the email debacle as their last straw and their vote went to Trump.

It is Mrs. Clinton's inability to take responsibility for her actions that turned off a lot of voters. Pointing the finger at Comey seems to be just one more example of this. She believed she had the momentum to get into the White House, but Comey's letter stating the FBI has reopened the investigation stopped that momentum. After that there was no time left to get it back up to speed. This is how Hillary explained her loss, according to The New York Times.

Hillary's fantasy loss

If Hillary Clinton truly believes this is the only reason she didn't get the votes, she is sadly mistaken. Without that second investigation she still would have had a fight on her hands. What the nation saw on election day was the silent majority of Trump supporters opening up with their vote in the voting booth.

Trump's silent supporters

Many Trump voters weren't part of the polls and they weren't voicing their vote for the GOP candidate in public. They were in fear of being tagged a racist, a woman hater and so many of the other things that Hillary and her camp tried to attach to a Donald Trump supporter. Those who were in Hillary's "basket of deplorables" wouldn't let their name be known, but they sure did let their vote go for Trump!