#Hillary Clinton arrived later than she was expected for her 2016 election farewell event on Wednesday morning, but it was what she and her entourage were wearing that turned heads. From Hillary and Bill Clinton to Chelsea and Tim Kaine's wife it was obvious a phone call regarding color coordinating clothing was delivered to all involved before they stepped out for the farewell event.

Who missed that memo?

The only person who seemed to miss that memo was Tim Kaine. The former vice-president hopeful sported a tie that didn't match the clothes that looked like funeral outfits that everyone else on stage was dressed in, including Kaine's own wife!

Funeral attire was the call of the day?

Hillary and Bill Clinton were impeccably color coordinated in dark suits with purple accents, which are the colors often associated with mourning.

Bill's deep purple silky tie reflected the color of the silk on Hillary's lapels as well has the top she wore under her jacket, remarks The Observer.

Wednesday morning Hillary was late to her own scheduled departing speech. When she entered the auditorium with Bill Clinton and Chelsea in tow, it was obvious there wasn't a bright color to be found on the fabric that made up the clothes of Hillary's entourage.

Hillary in pain

Hillary was in pain from her loss. She told the crowd that losing was painful and will remain painful for some time to come. Her voice cracked as she said these words, which were carefully selected. Part of her message was to give Trump a chance to see what he can do. She also said she contacted Trump to congratulate him on the 2016 election win and then offered to work with him in the future.

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The Observer hits the nail on the head when calling Hillary's typical choice of attire "overly rigid." The outfit she picked out for today's farewell was nothing that softened her look and pretty much fell into her traditional mode of clothes. She balanced her speech so she didn't sound spiteful, but she was careful to say anything too uplifting about her opponent who won the race, Donald Trump. #Election 2016