All year the mainstream media pundits have consistently predicted that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had an easy path to victory. They were more concerned with Bernie Sanders than Donald trump. Mainstream media and their pollsters predicted that the Democrats would take the Senate and said that conservatism was on the wane. Today all the analysis that the mainstream media pooh-poohed for over a year, they all turned out to be right. The 45th president of the United States will be a Republican, a reality TV star, a billionaire businessman who managed to defy the polls to claim a historic victory in one of the most divisive US election battles ever, Donald Trump [VIDEO].

Why and how did Trump succeed?

Since Trump and Clinton became their respective nominees this has all been a matter of the media choosing narrative over fact. We can only hope that what happened on Tuesday will be a wake-up call to the media: America has voted against them and their narrative. Call it ignorance or willful deceit, the narrative from the media since the beginning of this race has been that anyone with the temerity to agree with Donald Trump on anything was -- as Hillary said, deplorable. Their entire story was based on a culture they believed was post-Christian and post-conservative, with a few desperate people not willing to get with the program, still clinging to their guns and their religion in the backwoods of America were “rednecks” as Bill Clinton said.

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Americans, Christians and patriots spoke loud and clear, the status quo is all but finished in Washington.

Trump counted on social media

Was it just that the media was so busy this election cycle that they forgot their own golden rules? Journalism is an objective form of communicating the news and history shows us with numerous examples where controlling the media leads to fascism. Fortunately Americans today had other sources like twitter and many other social media networks to get their news because only six percent trusted mainstream media. In the wake of this media meltdown, one would think the media would "eat crow" today. No, they won't admit defeat. Instead they are still on the Trump attack. Sorry to say it but mainstream media and their pollsters will be going through change and downsizing if they hope to stay in business.