It looks like the founder of GrubHub was feeling his oats just a wee bit too much when suggesting his employees to resign if they agree with Trump's views. His mass email was sent to all employees to tell them they have no place in his company if they agree with Trump's political views and now the backlash is rolling in.

Too big for his britches?

Why CEO and founder Matt Maloney would risk tainting GrubHub by making this statement has folks scratching their heads today. As legal experts on "Fox and Friends" live Friday morning suggest, this guy might have left himself wide open for lawsuits. There is already a movement online to boycott GrubHub.

Maloney, who needless to say is a Hillary Clinton supporter, told his employees that he "rejects" Trump's views and Trump's behavior. That's fine for him and that should have been where he stopped his protest. He took it a step too far by telling his employees if they do not agree with that statement then it's time to send in their letter of resignation because there is no place at GrubHub for them.

Job security non-existent for Trump supporters?

The GrubHub head honcho went on to list his opinion of Trump's behaviors like insulting, demeaning and ridiculing minorities. He included the minorities and immigrants and people who are mentally and physically challenged. He even went as far as to say that if Trump worked at GrubHub his disparaging comments would have caused his "immediate termination."

It didn't take long for the memo to go public, according to The Warp and the hashtag #boycottgrubhub was born.

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This memo started a storm of angry backlash and might even do damage to the stocks as folks are predicting the stock will take a dive thanks to the CEO's memo, as seen in the tweet below.

Another tweet indicates how folks see this CEO alienating GrubHub with this horrendous memo, which is seen below.

It seems after Maloney got wind of the uproar his memo caused he backtracked - big time! He released a new statement to clarify that his email was not calling for Trump supporters to resign. Instead he attempted to convey that he won't tolerate "discriminatory activity" or "hateful commentary" in the workplace.

Backlash conjures damage control

Some people saw this as ironic because what Maloney said in his first email statement is basically what he said - that he won't tolerate in the workplace in his second statement.

Maybe Maloney can jump on board the empty plane that was going to be filled with stars and celebrities all moving to Canada if Trump won.

Arrogance runs wild!

All these notable names causing all this drama over a president that they don't like getting elected is ludicrous. Are Mahoney and the moaning celebrities that arrogant to think that they actually know better than the majority of American voters who put Trump into office? From the sounds of it, you'd swear these people think they have a better insight than the masses! #HubGrub #HubGrub resignations #Donald Trump