When a groom-to-be banned his fiancee's best friend from being in the wedding party as a bridesmaid, his bride-to-be didn't tell him no. The guy didn't want his bride's best friend in the wedding party because of her looks. He thought that her appearance in the wedding photos would ruin their wedding pictures.

Ugly bridesmaid to ruin the wedding photos?

He went even further with this ludicrous request by saying he didn't want her best friend at the wedding at all, not even as a guest. Apparently this woman was someone this groom didn't want anywhere near them on that day. These weren't a couple of teenagers planning their wedding, the groom is 32-years-old.

She didn't say 'no'!

Despite being flabbergasted at her future husband's request, the bride-to-be didn't defy him. The bride became worried instead of being mad. She was concerned that when she didn't ask her friend to be in her wedding party that she might feel hurt. She ruminated over what she would tell her friend if she asked why she wasn't included.

Unreasonable request

The bride was upset over her future husband's strong request and although she felt he was making an unreasonable request, she apparently didn't ask her friend. What the bride did instead was request that the groom drop one of his groomsmen from the wedding party.

An eye for an eye?

She told him it was because she had a limited amount of friends and she didn't have enough to partner up with the number of groomsmen he picked for the wedding party.

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This sounds as if it is a retaliation request, but this is what she expected from her husband-to-be.

Who is the real ugly person here?

As seen in The Mirror, most of the comments attached to an article on the banning of the bridesmaid basically suggested the bride needed to ditch her-husband-to-be. If it is ugliness causing all this woe, one reader suggested that the bride wouldn't find many things uglier than what is harbored deep inside of the man she's about to marry.

Others suggested that those wedding pictures of hers will haunt her when she looks back and sees that her best friend is absent from the photos. Another person reminded her that if her friend wasn't too ugly to be her best friend and too ugly to pose in other pictures with her throughout the years, then her looks shouldn't eliminate her from the wedding pictures as her bridesmaid.

Wedding still a go?

What astounded people most was that this bride just didn't call off the wedding right then and there. Many suggested she should have called it quits the instant that the demand spewed from the groom's mouth. Then there were others who thought the bride and the groom deserved each other. He for doing the demanding and she for not giving him a flat-out "no" when the demand was first made. #Ugly Bridesmaid