It is the night before Thanksgiving and in between defrosting the turkey and cleaning the kitchen, there are some good shows to watch. Many are for the whole family such as "Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" and the "Macy’s 90th Thanksgiving Day Parade Special." Once the little ones drift off to sleep, the adults can enjoy the "SNL Thanksgiving Special." All shows listed are in Eastern Time.

'Macy’s 90th Thanksgiving Day Parade Special'

NBC 8:00PM 

NBC has the "Macy’s 90th Thanksgiving Day Parade Special" on tonight. Look back on the history of this event including past cool musical performances and stars that have hosted it. This family-friendly celebration of the annual parade winds through gorgeous Manhattan.

It's time for Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown 

"Charlie Brown Thanksgiving"

ABC 8:00PM

Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the gang put together that same memorable Thanksgiving dinner that we all know and love. Watch Snoopy prepare that delicious Thanksgiving meal. Thank you to Charles Schulz for creating a treasure that viewers watch year after year.

"Saturday Night Live Thanksgiving Special"

NBC 9:00PM

Fans are excited to see that Kristen Wiig will be back for the "SNL Thanksgiving Special," and bonus, none other than Alec Baldwin will be back to play Donald Trump. In this political climate there has been no shortage of material for their writers to create these latest episodes.

Tonight on 'Survivor' 

"Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X"

CBS 8:00PM

Tonight's episode of "Survivor" is called "Million Dollar Gamble." Host Jeff Probst entertains viewers with the weekly fun as the Gen X'ers rise up and tension gets out of control.

Top Videos of the Day

Good luck building trust after this, guys.  


HBO 9:00PM

HBO is replaying Sunday’s episode of "Westworld," and for those who have not seen it yet, prepare for some intense storylines. Probably one of the strongest characters, Maeve (played by Thandie Newton) is genuinely close to getting what she wants. The lovely Dolores (played by Evan Rachel Wood) has trouble separating her dreams from reality; Bernard (played by Jeffrey Wright) is ordered to return to business as usual. Poor Teddy is seeing his fill of painful memories while traveling with the Man in Black. 

Zombies and Thanksgiving 


Syfy Channel 10:00PM

For those who just want to escape the real world and watch the apocalypse, switch over to the Syfy Channel and watch the hilarious film "Zombieland" again. One never knows when those handle rules such as "double tap" and "wear your seatbelt" will come in handy one day.