gay and lesbian couples can get married legally now. The religious right took a collective deep gasp when this reality set in, while shaking their heads in disbelief. Really, what did it matter to anyone if two people are in love and want to be married? You can still hold your views against gay marriage if you want, but what right does any one of us have to deny the rights of another?

None of us have the right to deny another anything we approve for ourselves. As it normally does, money will decide the issue in the long run, because money talks in today’s world. This past weekend during the Dallas Cowboys football game one of the commercials was for Zale’s Jewelers.

As the pictures flashed by of loving moments followed by lasting love, one of them was of a wedding with two brides. I think that was the first I had seen like that, but it will not be the last.

New demographic to target

When you think about it, it makes sense. This is an entirely new demographic for companies to target with advertising, and someone is going to make lots of money. The right would do well of itself to concentrate on something else they feel passionate about because like the election, the results are in, and your position lost.

With the Christmas season upon us not only is the gay marriage issue over, it is coming into your living room this holiday season.

Moving onto the next issue I would recommend not wasting time fighting is the legalization of marijuana for those of you looking for a new cause. The financials are overwhelmingly changing many minds on whether or not it should be legal, and the money is talking.

Nevada recently legalized recreational use, and with the cities large tourist numbers many will return home with a new perspective on the subject.

Marijuana is next

The need for advertising will grow along with the industry, and soon Marijuana advertising will begin to circulate. When the price is right, and some network thinks the risk is worth the reward you will see marijuana being sold in your living room as well.

Donald Trump and the Republicans won the election, but now comes the hard part, leading. When I say leading, I mean leading us all. We are a diverse group of people, and different groups will need different dialogues to find common ground. Acceptance and understanding by every American to every other American is what we must find, and the right can practice with the advertising coming into their home this holiday season.

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