Tuesday morning 11/20/2016, a 7.4 (as of this writing it has been reported 7.3) quake threatened the safety of Japan once again, as well as testing the safely and reliability of all nuclear power systems that Japan has put in place. While the world watches in horror at the potential of all life in the northern hemisphere being destroyed by radiation should the fragile buildings at fukushima nuclear power station fall (it was the previously unharmed Fukushima Daini almost next door) that actually lost cooling power. When a nuclear power plant looses cooling power, it can cause a meltdown (the fuel turns hot and melts to a blob that leaches out radioactive poison for millions of years), a melt through (when the corium melted fuel boils its way out of the containment vessel), and melt out (such as seen when the explosion of 2011 exploded the core, resulting in black substances that were all over Tokyo, poisoning those living there).

Live from Fukushima

While news camera's ran live footage of the tidal wave watch near Fukushima, many wondered how such a thing could be allowed to happen. The public was told that safeguards existed to prevent such a scenario and that these monstrosities were needed to keep the lights on. According to the New York Times, a month before the deadly 2011 quake, a major team of scientists and researchers did warn about stability issues and were ignored. This also happened from the many geologists who warned against building any nuclear power plants whatsoever in the quake-prone region. Japan was, after all, created by earthquake's, and many believe that it will someday be removed from the globe by the very same forces.

The actual cause of the disaster is said to be twofold. For one, Dr. Helen Caldicott has warned for decades that the nuclear power industry is nothing more than a front for the nuclear weapons industry. She uses facts concerning “the safe atom., the truth that such power stations can not exist without government subsidies because the threat of meltdowns are so great, as well as data from their own papers to prove this.

She also shows that radiation from both power plants and nuclear bomb testing from generations prior have already caused cancer to enact a terrible toll on life.

Nuclear and global warming

The second cause of this, at least to some degree, is the belief that many have regarding so-called “man-made global climate change,” which many such as Lord Monkton and others have shown does not actually exist.

Some, such as Caldicott, do actually believe that man is warming the planet, but insists that the answer to the problem is not nuclear power, which she calls “cancer power.” Sadly, many on the left are not hearing her or the many knowledgeable voices on both sides of the political isle that are sounding the alarm about nuclear issues, and have been for years.

The result has been a huge increase in cancers both in Japan as well as in America. The reason is that we are dealing with the most deadly isotopes and elements in the known universe. These elements are the cause of not only cancers however, but also heart disease, lower immune system function, birth defects, and much more. This happens because when a nuclear escape or test happens, it takes the radioactive toxins and allows them to contaminate the very air itself.

Other radioactive poisons get into the water supply and once there, continue to cause a threat for millions upon millions of years. Radiation does not dilute nor dissipate, but rather, exists forever (by a human standpoint) to inflict never ceasing harm upon the worlds population.

If there is nothing else to be learned from once again from seeing what may yet be our demise as a species, then it is that a closer look at the problem of nuclear power production needs to happen. Perhaps Trump is right about clean coal instead. One thing is for sure, the use of nuclear power will be the fall of man if something drastic is not done, and soon.

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