Floundering Democratic Party

While pockets of violent and non-violent protesters block traffic and beat people up across the country because their candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton, lost the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump, the Democratic Party is chaotically unraveling. The headless political blob that is today’s post-election Democratic Party seems to be running further left in search of its political soul.

Along with those of a supportive media, the wheels of the Democratic Party flew off Tuesday evening after the primary coronation of its recycled candidate culminated in a major election fail.

By Thursday, embattled DNC interim committee leader Donna Brazile was being blamed for backing a “flawed candidate” in Hillary Clinton and conniving with former DNC head Debbie Wasserman Schultz to manipulate the outcome of the primaries.

After Barack Obama built a coalition that included approximately 98% of the black vote and a hefty block of Hispanic support, Democratic Party leaders were shaken to the core Tuesday evening when Republican Donald J. Trump put an end to the Clinton political dynasty.

By Friday, establishment Democrat Howard Dean and the only Muslim in Congress, Rep. Keith Ellison, were vying for control of the Democratic Party.

Either of the two would lead Democrats hard left into the lonesome political quicksand where Sen. Bernie Sanders – the Socialist-turned-Democrat whom lost the primaries to Hillary Clinton -- resides. Meanwhile, outgoing Senate majority leader Harry Reid of Nevada continues to curse President-elect Trump like it was November 7, some say to the point of inciting and condoning violence.

Clinton took African-American vote for granted

For her part, pundits agree that Clinton took the black vote for granted and angered white males by calling them unredeemable and deplorable.

Some speculate that Clinton lost the support of millions of married white women too by ignoring and attacking their men. At the same time Democrats assumed Hispanics would vote for Clinton in the same numbers they voted for Barack Obama, an assumption that never materialized.

In what can only be considered knee-jerk reactions to losing the presidency, Congress and the Supreme Court among other things, former presidential candidate Sen.

Bernie Sanders publicly acknowledged he would not count himself out in 2020, even though he would be 79 years old. In other news, Democratic operatives fed the media First Lady Michelle Obama’s name as a potential 2020 candidate even though she doesn't want to run.

Clearly the Democratic Party will need to get over the shock of losing all three branches of the government before finger-pointing is replaced by anger management.

The party will need years to rebuild and plot a new course and direction. Such an undertaking will include an eruptive internal struggle between insiders, outsiders, progressives and plane-Jane political liberals. It will be ugly and prolonged, just like it was for the Republicans. One thing that has become increasingly clear is that the Democratic Party can no longer count on white liberals to drag it across the electoral finish line any more than it can assume the coveted voting-blocks of African- Americans and Hispanics are theirs for the asking and in sufficient numbers.

Clinton's failed attempt to triangulate Americans has backfired on the Democratic Party and knocked Humpty Dumpty DNC right off the big blue wall. It will take time to put Humpty back together again.

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