On November 4, 2016, the UN Paris Agreement on climate change took effect with the United States being one of the signers. The Agreement is to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius by reducing CO2 emissions and recognising the contribution of CO2 to global warming. Recent data is that 30' of icecap has melted on Greenland and seas have begun rising at 3-4 mm per year.

UN Paris Climate Action Agreement impacts local cities

The agreement begins a process which will involve the cities, parishes, and state of Louisiana to reduce CO2 emissions. It goes back to the original United Nations Kyoto Protocol Agreement on climate change which took place in 2005 and went into force in February 2006.

At that point in time, Arnold Schwarzenegger was Governor of California and Louisiana native Charles Marsala was Mayor of Atherton, California. Although the United States did not sign the agreement, Schwarzenegger signed for California and Marsala signed the Mayor's Climate Protection Agreement forAtherton. The Sierra Club initiated a “Cool Cities” campaign to help cities devise plans.

Former Mayor Marsala’s implementation of Climate Change Programs

Marsala created the Atherton Environmental Programs Committee, held a meeting and formed a voluntary method for CO2 reduction program, which included building green homes, promoting high-tech companies with cost effective products, and involving innovation in schools.

Recently Marsala was one of only two US Senate Candidates endorsed by ConservAmerica for the 2016 election.ConservAmerica is an Independent and Republican organisation dedicated to promoting Fiscal Conservatives who are Environmentally minded.

Marsala stated: "Given the recent floods and that 1,000-year storms are happening every five years in Louisiana, the Paris Climate Agreement is one that Louisiana's elected officials have to be leaders in implementing.

From that perspective they can encourage other elected leaders to reduce Carbon Dioxide production. Louisiana also can produce land to contribute to Carbon Offset. This also will restore the coast, reduce the Dead Zone,provide wildlife habitat, and increase tourism."

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