It wasn't an unexpected death and there was nothing intriguing about it. #Castro died at 90, on the 25th of November, 2016. Nothing surprising at first. But if we take another look we will see that #Cuba is in front of a new historical chapter. For decades, the Cuban leader successfully fought capitalism and survived 638 assassination attempts. He was a symbol of Cuban revolution and the father of a nation. Although a good portion of Cuba is in pain and tears following his death, some parts of the world see this as an excellent opportunity to spread "democracy."

Fidel Castro versus Capitalism

Today's world is a global capitalistic empire.

Democracy, freedom and the free economy are the values that capitalism is made of. Castro was denying freedom as a central idea -- his revolution was about equality. It was a true socialistic belief. Even though he was born in a rich family and was well educated, Castro did not adopt imperialistic beliefs. While studying law at University of Havana he became passionate about anti-imperialistic ideas. It affected the rest of his life.

He was a controversial political figure. In some parts of the world he was glorified for his achievements in medical care and education, but in others he was accused of abusing human rights, the exodus of a large number of Cubans, and the destruction of the country's economy. While the whole world was changing and assimilating, Cuba remained the last stronghold of socialism.

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And that is why Cubans were punished by the United States' economic embargo. This embargo is considered pointless and destructive for both sides. Maybe this embargo was a symbolic measure, as it showed the difference in ideals. And the ideals were the foundation of Castro's reign.

New chapter?

This is what capitalism gave us -- a society without compassion and solidarity. Although Castro's reign was lacking democracy, it was a great example of the importance of ideals and solidarity for humanity. When he became the Cuban leader he gave his property, and until the end of his life he served the land.

So after his death Cuba has a new opportunity. It doesn't have to be bad. Maybe they can implement democracy without hurting the ideals of solidarity. It can result in progress. Finally, it is up to Raul Castro and the Cubans to make what they will out of this new opportunity. #FidelCastro