Since Donald Trump's election victory, his supporters have come out of the woodwork. The most recent supporter is none other than rapper Kanye West. Known for ranting throughout his concerts, Kanye is at again. This time, he may have had his most controversial rant to date, expressing his admiration for Trump and his campaign.

Kanye being Kanye?

As soon as Kanye said "Trump," the entire crowd went quiet. First of all, he mentioned in the beginning of the video that he ultimately did not vote in this election, which leads me to my question. Why is he even bringing this up? Reports circulated throughout the campaign that a Trump supporter was heckling Kim Kardashian about her choice in men.

Kanye then stated that if Trump were elected, he and Kim would leave the country.

Change of heart?

Fast forward a couple of months later and not only are Kim and Kanye still in the US, but Kanye has now come out in support of Donald Trump. Here is my assumption: Since Kanye has made it clear that he plans to run for President in 2020, an unlikely Trump victory has sparked hope that he could do the same. While highly unlikely, a Trump victory has opened the floodgates to people wanting to run for President with no political experience.

The bottom line

Coming from a lifelong fan, Kanye West is a hypocrite. Kanye West, one of the most prominent black artists in the world, is using his platform to tell his fans to "stop caring about racism," because the best way to get rid of racism in this country is to ignore it.

Makes sense, right?

He rants about how "this is a racist country" and supports the most openly racist candidate in recent memory. He rants about how we should "get over it" and "not let it distract us." This is the same Kanye West who has said time and time again that the fashion industry is suppressing him and his clothing line because he is black.

This is the same Kanye West who said "George Bush doesn't care about black people" on national television. This is the same Kanye West who donated money to Hilary Clinton's campaign in 2015.

None of this makes sense because Kanye West doesn't make sense. As much as I'd love to pretend to be surprised by this, I'm not.

Just another day in Kanye West's unstable life. With that, I'll leave you with a fitting Kanye West lyric from his song, "Can't Tell Me Nothing."

"I guess the money should of changed him, I guess I should of forgot where I came from."

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