A Facebook post by News Com AU has gone viral after they posted up the news that "#Move to Australia" had spiked as a search term on Google. This came within hours after Donald Trump and the Republicans won the USA #Election 2016. Nevertheless, many Australians are not impressed. Aussies have reacted in a mainly negative way to what is perceived to be a bunch of lousy liberals who want to run to another country.

Australians participate in viral FB conversation

There have been over 700 comments, more than nearly 1600 shares and close to 10k views in a matter of hours. Some of the first up Australian responses were that Americans don't even know where Australia is, with many of them either thinking Aussies meant Armenia when they told them were from 'The Land Down Under,' or that the country is somewhere near Germany. 

This seems to be not far off the mark.

Other users were laughing as they recalled incidents such as one poster who got the reply "Guten Tag" when they spoke of their homeland, and another recalls how a USA government official asked them what language they spoke in Australia

Suggestions Americans go to New Zealand

While the average American might not know where Australia is, what is very clear is that a lot of people don't want liberal Americans cluttering up the place. One user said that there are many more deserving people struggling to get in, so why should Americans disgruntled with their own politics jump the queue? Others reiterated that there are enough liberals in Aussie already and all inquiries should be redirected to New Zealand. Those people who do know where Australia is, probably think New Zealand is a Province of Australia - which it is not - so if you want to go there you better not apply via the Australian Embassy.

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The building of walls.

The comments came fast and furious about building walls - a meme on Trump and his wall. Commentators reckon Canada should start building one round about now, while another suggested Trump makes his wall go right around the USA to keep the American liberals in. Another joker said he hasn't got the time right now to discuss immigration ethics - he's busy outside building a wall around his place. Funny one - "can't talk now... busy building a wall at the 49th Parallel."

Pauline Hanson  and Trump would get on just great

There is a lot of fun going on, but a thread of serious always tinges Australians when it comes to immigration issues. As so many of the people have mentioned - why run from Trump, when Australia has Pauline Hanson - leader of a right wing political party and who just happened to be one of the first important Australians in the world to publically congratulate Trump on his astounding win?

Give the man a go for four years - it might not be so bad in the USA

So it looks like the American liberals who want to run away to Australia might not be as welcome as they think, and one thing they will learn very quickly if they do move there is that Australians are not afraid to say what they think.

There is no lip service to the Aussies version of the American Democrats and then 'sneak-snucking' off to vote Trump on voting day. Straight up and to the point those Australians - so do Americans really want to go there? Can they handle the culture shock of straight out truths? But then again, maybe tomorrow when they discover Trump has not morphed into Hitler and rushed off to build extermination ovens, they will change their minds, go to work as usual and get over the blues and the people from the 'Land Down Under' can breathe a sigh of relief. #Donald Trump