Mechanical mods

The #mechanical mods are also called "mechs" and they are unregulated mods. A mechanical mod doesn't contain an electronic chip between the battery and the atomizer. The user will get the full voltage output of the battery because that electronic chip is used for voltage regulation. By the name, a mechanical mod does not have any wires, soldering or other electronic parts. This way you eliminate the electrical loss due to a chip or some wires because it uses a pressure switch to make direct contact between the atomizer and the battery. With all the missing electronic parts it doesn't have any safety features that a chip would provide.

The safety features of a mech mod relies on how you use it.

Power Regulated mods

The power #regulated mods have variable voltage/wattage that the user can change at will. They have an electronic chip between the battery and the atomizer which is used to vary the voltage or the wattage to the coil while you vape using the buttons or the dial. The high technology regulated mods also allow the user to adjust the temperature of the coil as well but this function can be used when you have a special coil made for using in temperature control. Most of the regulated mods have an integrated OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display which shows the user information like battery status, voltage, coil resistance and other useful things. A power regulated mod has lots of safety features for fire prevention and battery protection.

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This category of devices can have integrated battery which is charged via USB or they can also work with removable batteries which can be charged with a special charger for the safety of the user.

Mechanical mods vs. power regulated mods

These two types of devices are very different and the choice depends on your #Vaping style. The safety features are big selling points for regulated mods and a large drawback for mech mods, also the price of a regulated mod is higher than a mech's price. Mechanical mods are used for big vapor production because you can use coils with very low resistance. On the other hand, the regulated mod limits you to a default coil resistance and you can't go below that value. So if you are an experienced vaping enthusiast and you want that big vapor production you can buy one but you have to know how to set it up safely. Also, the regulated mods have nice vapor production that depends on what type of coil you use and the power provided by the electronic chip.