Health and safety

Everybody knows that smoking regular cigarettes is not a healthy habit -- neither is vaping but it's healthier than smoking. Vaping is 95% safer than smoking because the smoke from a regular cigarette is produced by combusting tobacco and 4,000 other ingredients. The smoke from cigarettes can cause numerous health problems and the combustion creates carcinogens.

For vaping on the other hand you eliminate the combustion and make vaping safer. In vaping you inhale vapors that are produced by the atomizer.

It is not recommended to start using an electronic cigarette if you are not a smoker because the e-liquids (the substance used to produce vapors ) contains nicotine which is a substance that can cause dependence. None of the scientific studies so far give solid proof that smoking electronic cigarettes can have the same life-threatening effects as smoking regular cigarettes.


If you are a smoker and you want to quit and buy an electronic cigarette you will spend somewhere between $150-$200 for a decent kit which includes the e-cigarette and the e-liquid with your favorite flavor.

For smokers, if they are smoking one pack a day in one month they will spend much more. That being said, vaping is cheaper and you will save a lot of money in time.

Social acceptance

If you take a look back a couple of years ago, using an e-cigarette was something odd for most people because it was something new and everybody was so skeptical about this device. Now, vaping has become a trend -- not just an alternative to smoking which is not the point for vaping.

Nobody should start vaping because it is "cool," vaping should be a step for a smoker to help him or her quit. Also, the vapor doesn't smell bad like smoke and you can easily vape in your office, at home, or in the car without bothering the people around you with the bad smell of the smoke. Nowadays vaping is more socially accepted but before you vape in public places make sure you know the local laws.

Ultimately, vaping is fast becoming a more socially acceptable alternative to traditional cigarettes.

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