A nation and global civil society laments the onslaught of a new reality many did not want to believe was possible and even fewer still could ever endorse. Nonetheless the truth remains: America has endured an electoral contest which cannot be matched in our brief but storied tradition. Never before has more scandal, doubt and concern embroiled the entire world around the fate of our leadership and the ethical bearings of our moral character. And yet, these events will have arrived without little surprise from any who has studied intensely the landscape of so-called American Exceptionalism across the last several decades.

Election 2016: the death of American Exceptionalism

We have spread ourselves around the world baring gifts, hardship, innovation and brutality. Globalization and the shift towards a more supposedly just and equitable global political and economic standard have come at a high price to the natural world and also to the natural balance of goodness which held our nation together in earlier days and against what was perceived to be larger collective threats. The generation of my grandfather went to war in the name of protecting something that felt real, they acted on their best judgement to arise and protect the world from existential threat. In the years since, great prosperity spread and flourished at the expense of many and the choice to divide and conquer under the banner of spreading the perceived greatness or exceptionalism which had propelled us forward during so many previous times of great strife and calamity.

Nonetheless, along the way we lost our way.

Election 2016; 11/9, the beginning of the great American story

A nation divided, a nation without unity, struggling to find its national character and holding on to so many conflicting ideals. The land of justice and opportunity, the land of Hollywood and Wall Street, a juxtaposition of so much goodness and so many regrets.

I want to believe in our future prosperity and I want to know our best days are yet to come. I am not filled with tragedy, sadness or remorse. The lessons of the day are not lost on me and I know, this is but a prelude to a dream. The best is yet to come. I believe in America and I know we will rise to this challenge as we have before.

The future of liberty, justice and freedom depend on it.

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