#Donald Trump will make history next week when he wins the Presidential Election by a much larger margin than could have been imagined. Trump’s supporters are coming from all walks of life, because Trump makes sense to all walks of life. More than some would want to admit Trump is more like the voter than his opponent #Hillary Clinton.

Other than gender no voter would say they have much in common with Clinton because they would be labeled corrupt, a liar, or in prison. This is not debatable because Clinton and those around her have told us so in their own words. The WikiLeaks email dumps repeatedly have exposed that what Clinton tells you and her real positions are polar opposites.

Trump not a racist bully

The media has tried its best to portray Trump as a racist bully. The opposite is actually closer to the truth. Trump is really more like the average person who works hard trying to better themselves, and quite frankly is just tired of the government taking more and more of hard earned money. The major difference is that Trump had the money to do something about it while the rest of us did not.

Millions of small donations have taken place since Trump became the nominee. Many of those people could have been Trump if they had been able to finance themselves like he did. That is Trump’s appeal to voters, along with his common sense answers to many of our country’s problems. Trump’s health care plan should have been the original plan, because it makes sense.

The idea of closing the borders is not bigoted, it is simply a security issue we have to address.

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Knowing who is coming and going across our borders is in the best interest of the American people. Those who come to become Americans legally should be given every chance to do so, those coming to do us harm should be turned away.

Backrooms full of Swamp Talk

Draining the Swamp, who among us have not said the same thing about Washington? Possibly using different words, but saying the same thing none the less. Those who long for term limits should embrace Trump. He is changing the entire atmosphere in Washington. Make no mistake the backrooms that used to be for deal-making, are now rooms where your voice matters because of Trump.

Long term Senators, Congressmen or women, and other various political elites did not become long term by not being able to adjust. These people will adjust, but they will not change unless we make them change by firing some of them with our votes. Trump often mentions that this is a movement, and it is. Those political elites know if Trump beats Clinton they could be next, because the swamp does need draining.