The God of destruction, Champa's arc is otherwise known as the universe 6 versus universe 7 tournament. The first time in "Dragon Ball Super," we were getting a completely new story from scratch as continuation of the resurrection F, and I can remember being really excited for this, we were all super high, it was coming and gone, and in this video, we are going to continue on with this trend, in which I give you three favorite episodes of the God of destruction. Before sharing this exclusive video, we will share great information, so you understand why this video is exclusive.

The plot

The universe 6 versus universe 7 tournament, I think is really fun here.

Was it perfect? Was it a great arc? It was fun, I would say it still has a lot of problems, but, ultimately, we are going to look at the positive side of this arc, and as I said at the beginning, we are going to give you three favorite episodes of the arc and for those of you keeping track at home, we are going to be covering "Dragon Ball Super" episode 28, all the way down into episodes 43. Episodes 44, 45, and 46, have not been as good as was expected. Let’s just keep it real, but for people who know about anime, especially "Dragon Ball," the episodes mentioned are not great, and that is worth mentioning.

The arrival of Champa at the beginning of the arc

Well, to me, even though the listings actually listed 46 as being the correct end of the arc, I’m going to change it to 43 for this, because it lets us know the beginning of the arc with Champa arriving and then, the very end with Goku taking care of Pan.

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That is like the finale for me. So universe 6 versus universe 7 of course, everybody checks out. In episode 36, it was an unexpected top fight (Vegeta’s explosion of anger). However, we were very excited when the universe 6 arrived. We saw that these new characters were so strong.

Next, we will show and discuss with you some interesting details and opinions about the Champa arc and its best. Enjoy it, and stay tuned. And, in the meantime, we await the arrival of the next saga.