Just because I feel like someone is to mention the comments, I have to address in my last video, we have a lot of people talking, but to be honest that was a kind of the point, and at the end of the video, I asked for all these different opinions, because the video within itself is an opinion and probably the biggest opinion that I have with Black Goku, set the Programer. For more I know, he is the power kind of King, so obviously he looked at it from a more scientific point of view. This video makes a lot of sense and even though he really disagrees with my video, I encourage anyone who cares enough to check it out.

The plot

The most important thing right now, is that the Future Trunks Saga has ended, so what we are left with is a transition stage.

Episode 69 will be out in a few hours, after this video goes up and it is not going to be at all related to the next arc, all we know about the next arc, is that it is going to be Hit that someone hired to kill Goku. Right now, there are not many people who want Goku dead, most would like that he plays a key role in the upcoming arc, and if we are being honest, he should be a new character, but on the slight chance that this is not the case, I am going to look all the "#Dragon Ball" characters that are still alive, that want Goku dead.

People that want Goku dead in the next arc

It makes the most sense, if the person who hired Hit was in the universe 6, just because, it would be easy to contact him. Unfortunately, we only know seven from universe 6 and that is everyone we will see in the tournament.

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Botamo has a reason for disliking Goku, but to hire someone to kill him would be taking things way too far. Now, Frost ended up cheating to be the Saiyan, so anything, the Saiyan should be the one to take Hit out on him. Both are in the same boat, but they have no reason to even dislike Goku, and finally, Champa. Next, we will show you the progress of the upcoming saga, with some leaked information about it. Enjoy it, and stay tuned. And, in the meantime, we await the arrival of the next saga.

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