After a controversial and close election, Republican candidate Donald Trump has won the vote to be the President of the United States.

Trump won both the electoral and popular vote

Trump won the election with 276 votes from the electoral college, with opponent Hilary Clinton at 218. That said, Trump had also won the popular vote, with 59,041,942 votes, which had placed him at around 48%, with Clinton at a close 46% with 59,178,951.

Trump had also notably won over states that Mitt Romney had lost, including Ohio, Florida, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

Of these states, a few, such as Florida and Pennsylvania, were considered "swing-states" that were thought to make or break this election. During most of the election, Pennsylvania was expected to have supported Clinton, emphasizing the complicated nature of this election.

Who supported Trump and who supported Clinton?

Statistically, men appeared to favor Trump over women in the election. This is thought of to be a continuing trend, as male voters had reportedly favored Romney in 2012 by seven points, and the recent election showed an even greater support for the Republican candidate.

Added to that, education was also viewed as a deciding factor in this election, which is believed to have become more pronounced in recent years, as Trump appeared to have won the working-class vote.

The results could also reflect support for the Republican party, as Republicans also won majority support in the U.S. Senate and U.S. House. Clinton won more counties where less than half the population is white, and was also popular among African-American and Hispanic-American voters.

On the other hand, the results of this election could reflect a dissatisfaction with the media, which appeared to have greatly supported Clinton during the campaign. In fact, there is even speculation that this media bias may have had a negative reaction on the Clinton campaign during the election. For example, it is reportedly believed that Clinton did not properly campaign in Wisconsin and Michigan, believing that she already had the majority votes for these states set, only for Trump to have reportedly won over both states.

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