It seems that Donald Trump has pulled out a victory in a shocking upset to people across the world. While many are apprehensive, or even downright enraged, now that the decision has been made we can begin to realize that the next four years are ours to make. For all of his faults I believe that Trump has the interests of the American people and this nation at heart.

Donald Trump's victory had some unforeseen (though not surprising) consequences

As our new President Elect was surging in the polls last night some strange things happened.

One of those is that Canada's main immigration website actually crashed, presumably as a result of American's trying to "escape" this nation since it was fairly clear that Trump would win. What is even more odd is that New Zealand -- in the seven days leading up to Election Day -- received more than half of it's typical monthly registrations. While that isn't a huge increase in those desiring to head to NZ, it does show that some people in this country are going to make good on their promises to leave should Trump win.

President Trump and the next four years

Since we now know that we have the next four years with the Trump administration we can begin to look at how everyone, both for and against Trump, can start to work together to make this country into what we all know it can be. The last decade and a half has shown that the United States has fallen from grace in some ways, and has become the laughing stock of the international community in others.

My hope is that everyone will accept the election results and then look forward to what tomorrow can be. As I said previously, it is ours to make. Now, let us move forward with grace and dignity toward a future that, while uncertain, could possibly be better than our current circumstances will allow.

I'm certain that the media firestorm will begin and most likely not end any time soon, but it is the people of this great nation that need to come together now, in our most trying time, with hope.

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