Maybe the term is not necessarily part of your vocabulary, but you may still have noticed '#LAD' has been seeping its way into the media in the UK, from social media sites to reality TV shows centered around borderline alcoholic club goers from the North East of England (or the coastline of New Jersey). The online Collins Dictionary defines a 'lad' as 'a young man whose behavior is characteristic of male adolescents, esp in being rowdy, macho, or immature'. It seems this male collective have found themselves a leader, with all his bravado, banter and insecurities.

King Jock

I don't need to list #Donald Trump's quotes supporting sexism and racism, because they have been spread across all forms of media during his campaign, so I wont indulge how egotistical, childish, and neanderthalic he has been.

Nevertheless, many Americans know this, and understand the clear message this is sending to the younger generations of males soon to be under Trump's rule. The presidential election has always seemed like a bit of a game, but I have seen first hand the LAD attitude of some males and I can imagine many of you have too. The sexist, playful, and alcohol fueled game they call life doesn't always end in maturity, and why should it when it can win you the highest position of power in the World. Why not spray Alejandro's high school locker with a swastika? Why not grab Sally's butt because your dad has money, and power, enabling a lack of moral responsibility?

How did he win?

I guess the general consensus is that Donald Trump successfully reached out to the common citizen, trying to find a place for themselves in a 21st century America infested with corrupt politics, and the cozy unification of bank and state.

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The problem is, if you wanted to personify the United States, then this person seems to continually want to find himself above all others in every aspect of their lives, even if it means pushing minorities, feminism and the battle against discrimination under the rug. I guess you have to ask yourself why? I am just curious as to how Trump has found himself bouncing from success to success running with such a shallow, vague and almost nonsensical slogan: 'Make America Great Again.' I guess the sentiment is beautiful, but does sentiment now overrule the promise of prejudice policies?

It's evident that blame has to be heavily placed upon the left wing, because it seems so divided in the states, that the ideology of the left is buckling under the pressure of the louder right (sounds all too familiar in Britain). Hillary Clinton played the role of the academic, with secret friends in high places, attempting to gain yet another line on her prolific resume, but there was a smugness that people couldn't see past.

Overconfidence does not prevail when you're trying to enter the hearts of nearly 319 million people, many of whom are struggling to drag themselves up to, and above the poverty line.

The boy beneath the hair

I hope that 'The Donald' does grow up for the sake of the American people, but there is no hiding from what he said before. His backtracking began less than 24 hours after his victory, but will he drop his controversial persona to reveal a man who is so insecure that he can't take criticism? Macho insecurity is often veneered with a loud mouth and a false sense of entitlement, but this seems like quite a big issue for Trump, when more Americans actually voted for Clinton: God bless the Electoral College. Mr Obama played the playground bully at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, and then further touched a nerve by making the obvious choice to back fellow Democrat, Clinton. This shallow ego seems too susceptible to deflation and there is a host of world leaders who could happily pop his party balloons. Let's hope they do it in a relatively peaceful manner. I'm talking to you Vlad and Xi. #Election 2016